Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slow but sure

   I've been working on Ann Grimshaw this past week. I am surprised by how slowly this alphabet section seems to be going since letters usually work up so fast.  I guess when the line is 13 inches long on 40 ct. it does tend to take a while.  Not to mention that watching tennis while stitching really slows things down!!
Her she is in her latest incarnation:

  I was going to work her in rotation with about 5 other things that need to be finished but I just don't know if I can do it.  I have never worked that way before and yes I know that's the whole point of SALs.  I usually work on something until I have to move on to something else with a fast approaching deadline or until I hit a wall with it and just can't stand to work on it for another minute! But I really want to get this one finished! She's about 3/4 done now and I can see her being finished by the end of the month. Sure would be nice to add another finish to the list!
  Okay then, its settled! I work on Ann 'til the bitter end.  Hopefully not past the end of the month!
Until then, keep on stitching!  Laura


  1. Hang in there Laura! Your Ann is fabulous! You will finish before you know it!

    Ann is one of my all time favs!

    Happy Stitches,


  2. You are not far off a finish Laura and she is looking soooo good.

  3. Ann is looking wonderful!!! I have to add this one to my stash! :-)

  4. Looks great, would love to add that to my stash!! I know how it is hitting the wall with a project and a couple of those...lol

  5. It's going to look so good on my wall!

  6. Hi Laura, I am glad to have found your blog and see that you are also participating in the Scarlet Letter challenge. Thank you for visiting my blog, your comment came up as no-reply but now here I can comment you back. :)
    Your Ann Grimshaw is looking beautiful! You are soooo far along! That is one of mine too. I know how you feel, I am starting to get dizzy with all the projects I start, I feel like there may never be an end to them, lol!


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