Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting in a Groove

   I've felt like I'm not making very much progress on the stitching front of late.  I did mange to finish Christmas Rules over the weekend but it took me until Sunday afternoon to get all the embellishments sewn on the thing!  I took it to the framers yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Christmas Garden and it is going to be so cute when its all framed up.  I may have to hang it on the wall for a while even though Christmas is over!
  This is how Christmas Garden  looks in all it's finery.  I am a Plain Jane sort of girl so I like the simple, uncomplicated frames. This is a bigger frame than I normally would use but I really liked it so I went with it!

   With Christmas Rules off the WIP list I was able to get back to work on Francis Pool. I took her to stitch group on Monday and that seemed to work out pretty well so she may become my group piece for a while.  She is very symmetrical and easy to work on while not paying too close attention so this would give me a couple of days a week at least to work on her. Her is where she is right now:

Frances Pool by With My Needle & Thread
40 ct. WDW Linen w/ specified threads
  I am really enjoying  this one and she's working up pretty quickly so she might be done sooner than I think!
LOL!! We all know that never happens!  I'll just hope for the end of the year!
  I also started Ann Bowers which is a SAL with the Attic.  I have had the kit for a number of years and when Jean suggested it as a SAL for this year I jumped right in. It was kitted with 35 ct. which seemed really small to me when I bought the kit.  But I have moved on to even smaller count linen now and swapped out the 35 ct for 45 ct.  My stitch group thinks I'm crazy but I really love how it looks!

Ann Bowers by The Examplarery
45 ct. Italian Linen w/ mostly specified threads
   I am still trying to get the short rotation worked out for the present.  I am currently working on the 2 above  and need to work in Ann Grimshaw, The Maryland Inspiration Sampler, and a birthday piece that will need to be finished by the end of March.  Wish me luck!!  Laura


  1. Your Christmas Garden is beautiful. My Christmas Garden is at the framers! I should be able to pick her up this month!

    I am also doing Jean's Ann Bowers SAL. I am alternating between Ann Bowers and my Nicola SL SAL, Emma Miles!

    Happy Stitches,

    -Holly in VA

  2. Christmas Garden is so pretty! Lovely start on Frances Pool too - I love the red squirrel. :) And Ann Bowers is just beautiful! I will look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. I really want to stitch Christmas Garden. You choose such pretty designs to stitch.

  4. 45 count!!!?!! !!??!.... Ygg!! I so admire you for that..... Ad, like you, I am a more traditional molding kind of girl.... Your framng is just perfect...... Whew, can't wait to see these progresses..... Take care, Faye

  5. Yeah, get working on that March birthday thing, girl!

    Love the frame on CG! Looks wonderful. Hopefully, I can see it in person soon.

    So many projects, not enough time.

  6. Christmas Garden is gorgeous, in a perfect frame and heck, I'd hang it all year round! You are too funny about the 35 count formerly seeming small, and now swapping something out on 45 count!

  7. Love the frame you chose for CG!! I am thrilled to read your count of choice for Ann Bowers is 45ct. I too, was thinking about it, just have to do a floss toss to see which color I would like to use for Ann, and away I go :) Crazy is what I am called-- for the 45ct (which I love and use most often) amongst other things-- but I look at it as a compliment :) Looking forward to seeing more!!!!


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