Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Than Charts Came Back From Nashville

   I was working diligently on the Red House Sampler after my last post in an effort to get the house in before I needed to switch projects.    I stitch a sampler each March for a friend's birthday and the start date is determined by the size and complexity of the sampler I have chosen for that year.  Since the piece I had chosen wasn't too big I figured I could work until the 1st weekend of March on my house and then move on.  I got to this..

The big red house is in!!!

and then I got sick.
    On Tuesday, the 3rd, after the board meeting, I went to my LNS to pick up the charts they brought back for me from Nashville.  Little did I know I was also picking up the worst virus I have had in ages!!  I am a very careful sick person.  I really try not to give it to anyone else in my family but this blew us all out of the water.  My husband, who never gets anything, got it.  My truck driver son was home and he got it.  He even had to take some extra days off to get well enough to get back on the road!  Ugly, ugly, ugly.
  I lost 2 weeks.  I'm still not 100%, a fact that becomes very clear when I try to do my daily chores, and I am trying to play catch-up on that birthday piece.  Not sure if I will be able to finish in time or not.  So, even though this is IH&SW I won't be able to play.  Oh, I'll be stitching.  But what is the point if you can't show your progress when the weekend is over??!
   I'll be here stitching as fast as I can.  You probably won't hear from me again until after I get the birthday piece finished but it will be a treat!  I'm totally loving this stitch and its Scottish so the colors are fantastic!!

See you soon,   Laura