Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Visit From the Framing Fairie

  Well, I picked up my framing yesterday and as promised, I have pics to share!  The first one is a piece my local sampler group (Colonial Samplar Dames) did as a SAL.  We started it in January and it has been stitched for quite a while, just not framed.

13 Colonies by LHN

  The next one was a frequent visitor to the blog some months ago.  She too has been waiting anxiously for her turn at the framers and she came out quite lovely if I do say so myself!!

Francis Pool by WMN&T

I love the way the blue of the frame really makes the blue in the sampler pop!!  She will go to my LNS to show off her bad self for a while before she comes home to stay.
  Lastly, I managed to get the field of stars finished on One Nation this afternoon.  Next time I pick this one up I will be able to start on the stripes!!

  Its back to deadline stitching now but I hope to have that done by the end of the weekend if all goes well.  I have a ton of other things calling my name and boy, summer sure is speeding by!!  I have 272 Words slated to come out the 1st of August and I would sure like to make that date.  Someone has been waiting very patiently for that reappearance and I wouldn't want to disappoint!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

IH&SW July

  I know it's been a while since I've posted.  I've been working on some things that I can't show here and I find blog posts without pictures BORING!  So,  I've been off the grid as my son would say.  I decided to take a break from the stitching I can't post about and work on some other things for the IH&SWeekend.  It gave we a chance to refresh my mental state concerning my needlework and just do something for the fun of it!!
  My local EGA chapter president gave us a challenge for the summer.  We are trying to increase our membership and have reserved the display cases at the local library for a fall showcase of our guild's handiwork. The challenge is to come up with different types of pincushions for the display and I am into it in my usual over-the-top fashion!  I have come up with about half a dozen things I want to do over the summer.  I'm not sure how many I will actually get done given that it is almost the end of July but it could be fun to work them in between the larger pieces I'm working on.
   I stitched up the first one over the weekend.  It is an older piece I've had in my stash for quite a while, a biscornu done as a collaboration by MTV Designs and GPA called Seasonal Biscornu.

I stitched the side with the Rhodes stitches first and thought it was my favorite; then I stitched the other side and I think I like it even more!  I am not much of a finisher but will give it a go when I get some of my other deadline stitching finished.
   After getting those 2 small squares finished, and they took way more time than I thought they would for what they are, I went back to work on One Nation. The before picture is in my last post. This is where it is now:

I plan to work on this until I have the rest of this section finished, hopefully only another day or two,  and then I'll go back to my deadline stitching.  I have another pin cushion waiting in the wings and hope that 'carrot' will  keep me motivated.

  Just as an aside, while on the bay of evil recently I managed to snag these!

Chessie and Me sampler magnets!  How cute are they?!  Love them all!!
  Well, that's about it for me for today.  My framer called this afternoon and it seems I have some things to pick up.  I'll post again soon with some newly finished framing!

Until then,  may your needles fly!  Laura

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Red, White, and Blue Holiday

  It has been hot and humid here in the 'burg over the holiday and I have been trying to stay in as much as possible.  We did spend the 4th at a local park picnicking with my  future daughter in law's family and although it was on the 'sweltery' side, we all had a good time.  We live near Busch Gardens and were able to come home and watch fabulous fireworks from our front steps. What more could you ask??!!
   Even with all the busyness of having company, I did manage to complete one of the memorial samplers I am trying to finish. It has an additional 10 lines of personalization that I am not showing because well, its personal!


  I have another one to do asap but after just finishing this one I need a break from stitching the same thing!  I have never stitched the same thing more than once except for these memorials and I really need to work on something else for a bit before I get to the other. 
  So,  I picked this one back up again.

One Nation on Lakeside Linen Woodsmoke

(Edit:  I did some research and got this picture thing working! Thank you 'Lines Across' for the excellent info on where to go and what to do!)

I have tried everything I can think to do and can't get this to turn so I guess this is the way it will have to stay, sorry.  Anyway, in keeping with the UFO year I pulled this one back out to work on.  I think I started it last July but it may have been the one before, yikes!!  I was sorely tempted to start the Chessie and Me I have seen burning up the blogosphere lately but I resisted and will work on this one for a few days and then go back to memorial stitching.  
  I had hoped to be working on 272 Words again by now but this other stitching is taking longer than I had planned.  You know what they say about plans!!! If all goes well, I should be able to dust 272 Words off (literally!) and get back to work on it by the middle of the month. It is 1/2 finished so I hope to have it wrapped up a few weeks after that but lets not forget that I still have Ann Bowers and Dorothy Walpole calling for the pile too!!!

Hope you're all finding lots of time to stitch,  Laura