Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year a little late

   I meant to post something sooner but my life keeps getting in the way.  I was behind with EGA stuff, got that pretty much caught up and now I have workmen here which makes it kind of hard to get much stitching done!   I did have a new start for the new year 'cause I like to do that.  I started Francis Poole but didn't get to her until evening so I really don't have much to show.  I have waited a long time for Brenda to get her ready for publication though so she will definitely see some stitching time as soon as I get finished with this.

Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate
35 ct. WDW Cocoa w/ called for threads

  Sorry it's not ironed but I don't like to do that until I'm ready for the framer. I know this made the rounds a couple of years ago but it was on the list to finish in 2012 .  I carried it around to my stitch groups for a while, mostly while I was working on things they couldn't see, and even though its after Christmas and even after the new year, I just couldn't stand the thought of putting it away and having another UFO in the pile!  I'm working it as fast as I can and should have it done this weekend. But, you know how that goes....

Until later, Laura


  1. so cute!! And congrats on the finish. Always good to check one off.

  2. Christmas Rules is such a fun piece. I amd looking forward to seeing a progress photo of Francis.

  3. Nice to have found your blog! Christmas Rules is cute! And I can't wait to see Francis Poole.


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