Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I spent some time with Franny

  It's been a crazy start to the month here in the Burg.  I can't believe it's  the middle of January already!  With board meetings and chapter meetings and sampler guild meetings it seems like I've spent little time at home.  And we all know that very little stitching gets accomplished at meetings and what goes get put in usually has to come right back out!!
  I  did manage to spend a little time with Francis Pool this week and actually made some progress on her.

Francis Pool
With Thy Needle & Thread
  I will admit that I revved up a few of the colors.  Brenda said she used the colors from the faded side of the sampler and I just didn't like the way some of them seemed to blend into the fabric.  I like the way it looks so far but now that I've started, I feel pretty well free to change other colors along the way.  I don't usually make changes to reproductions but with recent discussions on Nicola's blog I'm feeling less skiddish about doing so.
  I am still trying to work out my short (LOL) stitching rotation.  Since Franny is moving along so well, I thought I would put her in the regular rotation and make the Peppermint Pig my stitch group carry piece.  I started this one for my birthday but haven't been able to get much done on it.  It seems that I frequently have a problem with the colors.  I start with what is called for and then when I actually see the colors, I wind up making changes.  This happened with the Pig.  I bought the silk conversion when I bought the chart and didn't like the colors IRL. So I went back to the cottons and just love the brightness!

The Peppermint Pig
Tempting Tangles
  I also managed to make a start on the Maryland Inspiration Sampler but the start is so small its not worth a picture.  I ran into a color issue with this one as well and am waiting for replacement floss to arrive before I can get back to work on it. Hopefully it will arrive in time for its turn in the rotation.
  I have selected Ann Grimshaw for the next round and I think I will try to make the rotation length 5 days this time instead of three.  I would like to make it a whole week but have too many things in the rotation for that. I think all the pieces need to see the light of day at least once a month and I do still have that birthday piece to finish!!

Until later,  Laura


  1. Francis will be such a pretty piece.... And you have a great start!!!!!!

  2. Francis Poole is stunning Laura. I too am much happier about making chnages after the discussion.

  3. You're on a roll, girl! Can't wait to see all these in person.


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