Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Wrap-Up

  It's hard to believe it's the end of the year.  My grandmother always said time really flew by as you got older and as a kid I thought she was full of hooey.  How could that be possible? Now, as I am much older myself, I see just what she meant and am amazed with how quickly each day passes.
  I had a few things I wanted to share before we zoom into the new year.  I received a beautiful sampler from my friend Tommye for my birthday.  I apologize for the lack of ironing but I have had too many things on my to-do list today to even think about getting out an iron!  And besides, the post office did this, they should iron it!!

  I am also lucky enough to be on her recipient list for the ornament craziness she gets up to each year.  She gave me this one, which I LOVE!!

She loves this one too and already has it kitted to stitch for herself in the coming year.
  I showed you the sampler I stitched as my exchange gift in my weekly group and now I can also show you the one I received.  Let me just preface this by saying that I am the youngest one in my weekly group and I am no spring chicken!!  This cute little ornament was stitched by a lady in her 70's and it is OVER ONE!!

It is just darling and I plan to leave it out all year!! (Not really too big of a stretch since I leave my Christmas snow globe collection out all year too!)
  I gave my husband 272 Words for Christmas and I wanted to share the framed piece with you as well.

  I think the frame is perfect for it and really gives this sampler an old fashioned feel.

  I didn't have much time to stitch over the holiday.  With both of my boys in and out, the engagement (My younger son proposed to his girlfriend during the holiday!) and a concerted effort on my part to be more in the moment, I really didn't have much alone time to stitch.  I did manage to make a little more progress on my current WIP and this is where it is right now.

I had hoped to have this finished before the end of year but it was not meant to be.  However, it should be my first finish of the new year!!
  Well, that's about it for now.   I have big plans for the coming year but I will save them to share with you next post. Until then, I wish you all a Happy New Year and I  look forward to seeing you all next time.


  1. Loved reading your blog posts this year. Your 272 words just knocked me out!!! And, the frame is perfect! Congratulations to your son on his becoming engaged. Wishing you all the best in 2014!!!!

  2. This is a blog post full of wonderful stitching! Best wishes to you and your family for 2014!

  3. Congratulations on your sons engagement! that's exciting!!! And the 272 words finish and frame...PERFECT! May your New Year be filled with all the things you love best!

  4. Awesome job on 272 Words!! Perfect frame.

    I'd leave that ornie out all year too. Very cool.

  5. An engagement - how exciting! And I love your framed 272 Words - what a wonderful gift! You were the recipient of some lovely stitching as well. :) Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


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