Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A First Finish of 2014

   Hope you are all enjoying the start of the new year and are managing to stay warm during the awful weather most of us have been having.  Even here in the burg the weather has been a challenge and I skipped the EGA board meeting yesterday due to our extreme wind chill advisory.  Hadn't seen one of those here in the 15 years we've been in this area!!  I did utilize my time well though and I will tell you about that a little later.
   I wrapped up the Christmas piece I was working on last time on the 3rd of January but haven't had time to show it!  I have been working slavishly to get the house 'undressed' and back to normal.  It took me several days to get all that done. Then I hosted stitch group this week so there was prep for that, cleaning, baking, etc.  but 'normal' has returned and now I can show my finish!!

Jarden Prive  Christmas
40 ct. Lakeside Parchment
w/ suggested DMC
   I had been carrying this as my stitch group piece (not for very long) and one of my friends said 'Oh,so you're working on my Christmas gift for next year.'  Everyone laughed  and we moved on and later we drew names for next year's exchange.  And didn't I get her name??!!  So I think I am going to give this to her next Christmas.  Not only will she be totally surprised but it puts me ahead of the game already for this year!!
   As you can see from the new button on the sidebar, I have joined the Stitch from Stash Challenge for this year.  I really need to do this.  My stash is ridiculous!  I was going to take a picture and show it to you but I think I will save that embarrassment for a time when the temptation is really getting to me.  Lets just say I don't need to buy another thing!!  I have so many things already in my stash that I want to stitch  and if I don't get started soon, I will never get to them! I can't guarantee I will last the whole year but I will give it the old college try!
      I have been doing some major stitching planning though and have a very optimistic list for this year.  Between stitching for friends, things I want to get  finished, and new starts I have 22 projects on my list.  Keep in mind that the list is subject to change at my whim since I do have SADD!  I did manage to complete 19 pieces this past year and several of my UFOs are pretty far along so I have hope of making a serious dent in that list.
    I have also joined several SALs on Facebook this year all within the Sampler World confines.  The Snooty Parrots was one I was trying to resist but eventually gave in to. Those parrots are just too darned cute!!  A lot of other people started this on New Year's Day but I didn't get mine started until the 4th. I got the vine in (the part for this month's assignment) but I didn't like the color of the dye lot I had for the vine and changed it to something a little darker. (Surprise, surprise!!) That meant a total rip out and re-do. I worked on it most of the afternoon and evening yesterday and this is my progress as of  last night.  I need to put in a few more letters and the section assigned  for this month will be finished.

Snooty Parrots Sampler by Barbara Ana

    There is also a C Street Samplerworks Quaker SAL that I joined since I have the chart, twice, and thought it was a good time to stitch that one. I will probably start this one next since it also had a new years day start date. And let us not forget Dorothy Walpole which I have already started as part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.  Thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone with that one. And a little extra motivation never hurts!!
    So you can see I have no lack of stitching to play with over the course of the year.  I know I will be tempted by new samplers, and pretty soon since spring market is just next month.  But I am going to do my best to resist the sirens call and keep to the lovelies I already have waiting patiently for my needle!


  1. Love yourJardin Prive finish, it's so pretty!

  2. Great new finish! I will watch your progress on the SALs, I am also doing the Dorothy Walpole and Quaker SAL too :)

  3. A beautiful finish! You have lots of great plans! Best of luck with all of them.

  4. Oh my, already a finish, and a really great one. I love this piece. It must be a wondefrful feeling to already have a gift for next Christmas. I wish I were so much ahead, sigh.
    Great new start for the new year.

  5. Pretty finish! And a lovely start on Snooty Parrots! I joined the Snooty Parrots SAL too. Hopefully it will guarantee at least one finish in 2014. :)

  6. Just wondering where you got the pattern for the Jardine prive Christmas?
    I really like it. I belong to the EGA here in Michigan. Theresa

    1. I believe I got it at Stitch n Frog last fall. But I am finished with it now and if you want it, I would be happy to gift it to you! Let me know, Laura

  7. Oh golly, you are going to give that away?! She WILL be surprised and you are ahead of the game! it is beautiful, gorgeous! :)
    And your Snooty Parrots, looking great!

  8. Oh gosh, I love your finish!!! How can you bear to give it away? So beautiful! Love your Snooty Parrots start too. I so need to stitch from stash, but I don't know if I can do it. Sigh.

  9. Congrats on the finish. It's gorgeous! :D


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