Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two Down, One to Go

  I've spent quite a bit of time stitching since my last post.  I have been working on a birthday gift, which I can't show, and I've also managed to make some serious progress on AW 1662.  This is where I last left off:

And this is how it looks now.  I have, once again, taken some liberties with some of the colors but I like this much better.  I'm finding that the old, faded colors of some of the reproductions really doesn't suit me and I am becoming less and less a stickler for keeping to the original interpretation.  Basically, I like mine gussied up!!

  Then, as the title suggests, I have been working on the "finishing" of the pin cushions for the challenge.  Our first EGA meeting after the summer break is on Tuesday so I figured I better get hot with that finishing I was going to attempt.  I have to admit, it it coming out way better than I expected!  (Please excuse my photos. My camera was acting weird and this is the best I could get today!)
  First up is the pin mattress that Holly taught us at our sampler guild meeting a looooong time ago.

  This was my first try and it is a little bit wonky but it is so darned cute!!!  I put the quarter in for a size reference.
  Then this afternoon, I put this one together. (Again, sorry for the picture quality.)

Side One

Side Two
The cute little pins came with the kit!  Now, all I have left is the drum.  Hope to have pictures of that soon!!

PS: Hope you're all enjoying the tennis as much as I have been!  There have been some GREAT matches!!

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  1. You've made some good progress - beautiful! And you did a lovely job on the pin cushions, too! :)


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