Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IHSW SEPT 13 Report

   As predicted, this weekend was a little on the crazy side. And although I didn't get to 'hermit' I did manage to work some stitching in among  all the craziness. First, I finished the large band I was working on AW 1662.

   Then I pulled this one out.  It is a friendship sampler that belongs to one of my stitchie friends and I am working on this for her birthday in October.  There is a long story associated with this piece that I will share with you once I get it finished and sent to her.  Let's just say she will be shocked to see it since I think she believes it has been lost forever!!
   This is where it was when I started the weekend.  My part started with the wandering vine section that I had stitched prior to the weekend.

I added these colored bands over the weekend. (Please ignore my waste knots! I really should have buried those before I took the pictures!!)

And this is what my section looks like now. I plan to add several bands of white work to this before I'm finished. I've acquired a couple of Ukrainian White work books that have some interesting patterns I'd like to try here.

   So, that's all for now.  Hope you all are having a wonderful time with your fall stitching!!!  I have kitted up several things, some new and some not, that are waiting impatiently to be started.


  1. Love the work on AW, Laura! Also the pulled work you do is beautiful. I have always been so afraid of pulling and cutting threads!

  2. Oh my...beautiful work! Top to bottom...can't wait for the story :)

  3. Beautiful stitching on both pieces! I love the different stitches in the friendship sampler!

  4. Lovely work - now I am eager to see how the Ukranian whitework would look like... :D


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