Friday, September 20, 2013

I Can't Put it Down!!

  I am supposed to be working on things that are on a deadline right now but I have been on such a roll with this one I can't put it down!!  AW 1662 at my last post:

This is where we are today!  I've  finished 2 of the large arcaded bands and am almost finished with the third.

This where I left off last night. There isn't much left to do, some filling mainly so I am hoping to wrap this band up tonight! With the completion of this band I will be over the half way mark!  And, almost to that intriguing checkerboard band!!

This is the whole thing so far.  It is so pretty!!

  This is the weekend for  IH&SW for September.  Both of my boys will be home this weekend so I don't know how much stitching I will get done. But I hope to finish the band I am currently working on as well as get back on track with my deadline stitching.  We'll see!!


  1. Beautiful! I can see why you can't put it down. The colors are amazing, and your stitching, as always, is perfect.

  2. Excellent work and great progress!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Just keep going.

  4. I know it when you are stitching on a WIP and you can't put it down because you are completely in love with it. This is a wonderful sampler!


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