Thursday, June 6, 2013


  Rumors of my death have been greatly overstated.  I've probably looked like a wax museum figure lately and pain doesn't make me very nice to be around but dead, not yet!!!  I did manage to get some stitching done eventually.  There's only so long you can go without it until you either figure it out or go crazy!  I finally figured it out.  It has been rather an ADD sort of stitching so there are no finishes but I have a huge rotation going! LOL!!
  I did finish something on my 'obligation' list but I neglected to get a picture before handing it off.  Our EGA chapter stitches bookmarks for a literacy project each year as part of our outreach and I stitched a lovely Celtic Knot bookmark for that.  Sorry, no picture.
  Then, since I couldn't sit in the proper position to manage the lap frame, I started a new piece I could hold in my hand. I know, the year of the UFO, but I needed something small and I didn't have anything small started!  I had added this to my stash recently so out it came!

Plum Street's A Red Cottage
36 ct. Summer Khaki w/ listed threads

I'm not too happy with how this is turning out.  I LOVE red and the red in this is more rust than red.  I don't like it but it is too far along to rip it out now.  It will probably find a new home with one of my friends later.
  I still haven't been able to finish the last 2 month's assignment for Ann Bowers!  The work is much slower on 45 ct. and having to get up every 10 minutes doesn't help either. I really love this piece and I will keep plugging away but I have totally given up on the idea of keeping up with the schedule.  This is where she is as of last night.

It also doesn't help that this band is 'here a stitch, there a stitch' either!! Four and sometimes five colors in each motif!!

  While I was unable to stitch, I was rummaging around in my stash and came across a piece I took as an on-line class.  All of my friends know that in addition to house samplers, I am nuts for acorns and this piece has it in spades!!  Given my penchant for changing the linen, it should surprise no one that I changed this from the called for 36 ct to 40 ct.  You wouldn't think it would make that much difference but when I started doing the verse over one, all sorts of issues arose.  It is stitched in Needlepoint silk.  NPS is too thick for over one on 40 ct. I didn't like the look of the verse in tent stitch so I looked for a substitute thread.  Found an Au ver a Soie 100/3 in a similar color but didn't like that either.  Put it away. (There's always a reason why we have UFOs. We just don't remember what that reason is when we pick that piece back up years later!!)
  Anyway, in my recent C. Theron class, she is using NPS on 32 ct and the coverage is surprisingly good!  So I started this piece over on 34 ct Legacy Linen and am really enjoying it!

Young Acorn by Sampler Cove
The top row is my new re-start on 34 ct and the bottom row is on 40 ct.  I hope to be able to get back to this soon but for now, it has to go away again.  I have another memorial sampler to do and I am scheduled to bring out 272 Words the beginning of July!! More on that later.


  1. So glad you've been able to figure out a way to stitch--even a day without a needle in hand is too long! Hope your back is improving.

    1. I had seen on Paulette Stewart's blog that she had been stitching while standing due to a back issue!! I couldn't do that but I did find a way! laura

  2. I think a huge rotation is a good thing. :) Ann Bowers is beautiful!

    1. I have been trying to work my UFO list down a bit this year. Most of those pieces are large and ADD stitching attacks even that list so I guess the huge rotation is inevitable and something I should just learn to embrace! Laura

  3. your stitching very beautiful sorry for my bad english Iam French

    bisous from FRANCE

    1. Thank you for your kind words and now I am following your blog! Laura


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