Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Company was Good

   It's always good when you can spend time with your stitching friends.  It's even better when it's someone you haven't seen in a while and you can just fall right back in step like you saw each other just yesterday.  That's the way it is with my friend Tommye.  She was here visiting me last week and we had such a good time!
   There was lots of chatting, a bit of shopping, way too much eating, and a whole lot of stitching going on.  My husband has become the family cook so we ate great food all week and didn't have to do any of the cooking.  How good is that?! We visited my local shop and came away with some lovely colors of Lakeside linen as well as some silks for her latest Scarlet Letter project so stay tuned for that!  We went down into the Colonial area and hit some of the shops, a trip I'm sure her mom will be grateful for!!  And the stitching flowed......
    I finished the small piece I had been working on.  I wasn't too crazy about the red she chose for this, it just seemed too rusty to me,  but now that it's done I really like it.  Love the miniature house.  It is so cute!!!!

Plum Street's The Red Cottage
36 ct. Summer Khaki w/ listed threads

  Then, Tommye helped me work out some issues I was having with the Flamestitch sampler.  Colors that didn't work well together were finessed to make them beautiful and she even worked out an error in the instructions that I hadn't found yet and probably would have had a panic over when I got to that part! Sure helps to have someone with skills backing you up!!
  Once I finished the small sampler above, I went back to work on Dorothy Walpole.  I started her, as well as about 6 other piece, about a year and a half ago in preparation for a trip to Tommye's.  I like to be in my nest to start a new piece so I can be relaxed and avoid mistakes.  And for this trip, I wanted to be able to work on whatever I wanted to without concern for starting something new.  I got Dorothy to this point before moving to the next sampler.

Not too far along but enough to be able to continue when I picked it up next time without too much trouble. Over the past week I have moved her along to this point.

Scarlet Letter's Dorothy Walpole
40 ct. Pecan Butter w/ DMC threads

   I am loving this piece and am sad to have to put her away again but I need to work on a couple of memorial samplers (which I hope to finish by the end of the month) and then get back to work on 272 Words.  I have that one slated to finish for my husband for Christmas this year and it's not going to happen if I don't get busy.  Dorothy is on that same list to 'finish this year' too so you can expect to see her again in the not too distant future.
   And not to make it seem like it was all about me, Tommye is a super fast stitcher and worked on several pieces while she was here.  She finished a birthday gift for one of her friends, finished another small piece for one of her other friends, did some work on Virtue Outshines the Stars and barely held off on a Scarlet Letter start.  I will be greatly surprised if she hasn't started that one by now!!
   Well, that's about it for now.  Hope you are all enjoying your stitching as much as I am!!


  1. Sounds like the perfect friend with which to share quality time - love your Plum Street sampler. What a fun hobby we all share! Yes I am enjoying my stitching too - just started a new Scarlet Letter - Country Life, and a Stacey Nash - the fingers are NEVER idle!!

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  3. Love the Red Cottage and your WIP is beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time with Tommye!

  4. What a wonderful visit with your friend! Lovely finish - I'm always attracted to red! And Dorothy Walpole is such a beautiful sampler! Every time I see it I want to stitch it. :)

  5. Hello

    just found your blog.

    It sounds so nice having a fellow stitcher to share stitching with.
    Your wips are beautiful!
    Your finish is lovely, I like the red door.
    Happy weekend (:

  6. Man, I'm tired reading about everything we did last week!

    Don't get too excited about what I accomplished on Virtue. It all had to come out! Grrrr.

    Give Don a big hug for me for all the amazing meals. I think I'm just going to move in with you. I'll get so much more accomplished.

    When are you coming back to my house?

  7. I love the red house !

    bisous from FRANCE, Marylin


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