Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Calendar Blew Up

  I had big plans for stitching this past week.  I was sure I was going to get Francis Poole finished and maybe even get caught up on the Ann Bowers SAL.  It was not to be. My calendar totally blew up, with some things moving from someone else's list to mine, and I got very little stitching time, again.  There were a couple of evenings I didn't get to stitch at all!!!!
  I did manage to get some work in on Francis Poole. This is where it was last time.

 I got the rest of the vine in and happily, it met.  The vase on the right was all the way in and I decided I didn't like the color so I ripped it out and stitched it again in a different color.  I was going to loan this to my local shop when it was finished but I think I have changed nearly all the colors now so probably not.

  So far, the calendar is light for this week.  My local sampler guild is having Betsy Morgan in to teach a class next weekend but other than that, I am free as a bird.  I hope to finish this in the coming week and get caught up on Ann Bowers before the next assignment comes out.  Hmmm...... sounds vaguely familiar....


  1. I think that you made great progress for having your calendar messed up. I hope that you can get it finished this week and have a lovely post with the finish soon!

  2. Very, very pretty! It's always a great moment when you know your borders match up! Love all your changes!

  3. best laid plans...yada yada yada

    At least the border matched. And it's GORGEOUS!


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