Monday, April 1, 2013

Mystery Revealed

   My friend has confirmed receipt of her birthday gift so it is now safe to show it here.  I started this piece for her about 5 years ago and when I got started on the 2nd band, I knew there was no way I was going to get it finished in time. So, I put it away and stitched something else for her birthday.  I meant to get back to it sooner but always seemed to be too short of time.
   I keep all of my WIPs in tote bags, many, many samplers in many, many tote bags, and this past fall it seemed that the tote bags were taking over my room!  I decided that this year I was really going to make an effort to get some of those WIPs finished.  While evaluating just what I was up against,  guess what I found??!!  I don't have a before picture but here is the after.

Spanish Bleu by Sampler Cove

  My very good friend Tommye was the recipient of this sampler and her much better photography can be seen over on her blog I'd Rather Be Stitching. She has also graciously posted pictures of some of the  samplers I've gifted her in the past!
  This is the companion piece to Spanish Rouge also by Sampler Cove and as you might imagine it's done in the most luscious reds! That one is for me and although not slated for finish this year, maybe next!


  1. Such eye candy! This is beautiful and I know Tommye cherishes ALL of the treasures!!!!

  2. Hi, I've just found your blog. Your sampler is just so beautiful!

  3. Wow, Laura! What a looker! Tommye is one luck girl!

    I've stitched Double Dutch by Sampler Cove. Diane's patterns are great...I love all the pretty colors she chooses!

    Hang in there and come a join me with The Manifesto SAL!

    -Holly in VA

  4. Oh my goodness!!! This is a fantastic piece! And, your stitching is lovely. You are such a generous friend!!!

  5. What a gorgeous piece and what a generous gift!


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