Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not much stitching time...

  I've spent most of my time this week spring cleaning.  An ugly job but someone's got to do it.  And like everything else, it always takes more time than you think!  I have company coming in a few days and I really wanted to blow the winter stink off the place before they get here.  I'm sure you know what I mean.
  With all of that going on, I had very little stitching time to work with. I usually stitch in the evening which affords me at least 3 hrs. a night but that wasn't even possible this week.  I did manage to get a little stitching in though not on the pieces I said I would be working on in my last post.  What can you do?? You have to work on what calls to you!
  I managed to get the outline for the scalloped eyelet row in on A Flamestitch Sampler.

  This whole band is supposed to be done in Algerian Eyelet.  I have done just about all of those I can stand ( the whole top of this piece is just about all A. eyes!) so I think I will fill in the colors with rice stitch.  That seems to be popular with others who are stitching this one as well.
  The other piece I worked on this week was Sarah Elizabeth Brooke by The Scarlett House.

This is one of the pieces I started in preparation for a trip to visit my friend Tommye in February, a year ago. I had gotten about 3 inches of the vine done in each direction and then put it away. It didn't get any love on that trip or at any time since then.  I have picked it up a couple of times since then but it was always put aside for something else.  When I took it out this week to work on it, I knew I had changed the color of the vine (Shocking isn't it!) but I couldn't figure out what color  I had changed it to and neither could any of the ladies in my stitch group.  So... I ripped it out and started it again.
  Now this is supposed to be the year of the UFO.  Finishing some of the multitude of these I have around the house is the objective.  Does it still count as a UFO if you start it over??  Sure hope so!  I have been really good at sticking to my guns on this point.  I have not started a new piece this year at all yet!!! And the temptations have been great.
   Have you seen the new one by Shakespeare's Peddler??!!

Sarah Chapple
Shakespeare's Peddler

Ordered it as soon as I saw it!!  I will try to hold off but I don't know how long I can stand it!!!! Of course that would mean another BA UFO!!


  1. Your blog and stitching are lovely! The Flame sampler is coming along nicely but I certainly understand about limited stitching time. I'm trying to hold off on the new SP pattern but it's tough. She's a beauty!

  2. Love love love Flamestitch..... Might be coming onto my wish list..... And the new one from Shakepeares Peddler, oh my!!! Like you, when I saw it for the first time the other day, fell in love with it immediately!!! .... So much stitching, so little time......

  3. Looking Good, Ms. Laura!

    I know what you mean about those dang A. Eyes! That can be a stitch-stopper...very similar to Queens!

    I am glad spring has finally arrived in Virginia! I was beginning to wonder!

    Happy Stitches,


  4. IT just finished a sampler where practically the whole lower portion was done in the Algerion stitch. And to make it worse, only two colors. Thankfully I finished that sampler today!

    1. Shoot me now!! I would have had to change it to something else, at least part of it, to keep from going crazy!!


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