Friday, December 14, 2012

Party week!

  It's been a busy week here in the Burg.  Our EGA Christmas Luncheon was on Tuesday and with over 30 ladies in attendance it was a very nice turnout for our group.  The restaurant did a really good job  taking care of us, the room was set up perfectly and the food was wonderful!  We had our officer elections (I will be the treasurer, again) and closed with our ornament exchange.  Not everyone participates in this little evolution but those that did came home with some lovely ornaments.
   This is the ornament I stitched:

And this is the ornament I received:

Very Cute, huh??!!  Then, on Thursday my weekly stitch group had our Christmas Extravaganza. We stitched, we opened gifts and our lovely hostess served us lunch.  What more could you ask for??!!  As I mentioned before, we draw names for the exchange so basically we have a big gift from our exchange person and because we just cant' help ourselves, we also get a gift from everyone else too.  It is a lot of crazy gifting but we love it!
  This is the lovely sampler I received from my exchange person:

  I hope to get better with the picture taking, I know this is hard to see, but the snow and the snowflakes are done in a sparkly thread and the whole thing is just delicate and wonderful!  I can't wait to get it framed!  We all use the same framer so she is going to be really busy after Christmas!!
   I am still working diligently on Christmas Garden and am currently working on the verse at the bottom.  I hope to have it finished by the end of the weekend but since these things always take longer than we think they will, I guess I should realistically aim for the middle of next week.  One more thing to go to the framers!


  1. What a lucky girl you are! I love getting handmade ornaments and that sampler is gorgeous!

    Stitching friends are the best!

  2. Committee wrk is not easy so I admire you for another term of office

  3. Love your ornament that you stitched. Would like to know whose pattern this is. I am sure you will get these questions all the time.

    Happy New Year and keep up your blogging and sharing. pj in iowa

    1. It is an old Dancing Needle freebie. I kitted it up a couple of years ago for my sampler guild and I have a few kits left if you are interested in having one. Laura


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