Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doing the big happy dance!

   I stayed up late Sunday night trying to get Christmas Garden finished but my eyes started to cross and I couldn't focus before I had the last 2 letters done in the verse.  I managed to get it finished during stitch group on Monday even though we were celebrating my birthday (which is Friday). We had the usual laughter and craziness as well as lots of presents, lunch out at my favorite restaurant and even cake and ice cream (Thank you Donna!).
  Here it is in all its glory:

  I used the colors called for with the exception of the red which I changed to GA Raspberry Parfait. It is, of course, stitched on 40 ct. Lakeside Linen in Pecan Butter. I chose not to put the initials on mine.  I have the Mother's Garden in my stash as well and thought I would put the initials on that.  I also chose to leave the verse as it was designed.  I know that a lot of people have changed it to an alphabet so they could leave it up all year but I have quite a few Christmas things I leave up all year already so I was not hindered by that.  Also, the Hubs has an issue with the ABC thing so I thought it was best to leave well enough alone!

   I got lots of presents for my (number witheld to protect the innocent) birthday but the best one had to be this.  My friend Donna said (apologetically) the all her presents this year were from her stash.  She was trying to finish up some UFOs from classes and thought she would gift some of her finishes.  Definitely my gain!  She finished this lovely needlebook for me:



  I can not believe how cute this is!!!  And, she thinks she's a terrible finisher!  I told her I would be totally comfortable having her do all my finishing from now on.  Funny, she didn't take me up on that. LOL

  Well, that's about it for now.  My entire weekly stitch group if off to the framer tomorrow.  One of my other friends was working frantically on Christmas Garden too, trying to get it done in time for the framing expedition.  I would bet she got it done!

Until Later,  Laura


  1. Your Christmas Garden is so beautiful, I would have no problem displaying it all year round.

    Your gift is so pretty, one to treasure, friendship is certainly a work of heart.

  2. Love Christmas Garden! As a matter of fact I wanted to start mine this Christmas and totally forgot!! LOL.. and of course, it would have been started on Lakeside! I love pecan butter :)
    Lovely needlebook- what a great gift!! Cant wait to see how you made out at the framers!!

  3. The Christmas Garden is gorgeous! Another one in my stack...

    Love the needlebook too. Lucky you!


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