Thursday, January 30, 2014

Close...but no Cigar

   I have a small happy dance to report, I finally finished the last floral band on AW 1662 a few minutes ago!  It is pretty colorful but looks nothing like the picture!  Or should I say what I can make out of the picture!  The photo is really not very clear.  Anyway, this is where we are now.

And I even managed to bury all of my loose threads and cut off my knots!!

   Now it is on to the last section which is alphabets and other lettering.  This should go pretty quickly.  I don't think I will finish by the end of the month like I had hoped, that is just tomorrow after all.  But I should be able to call it complete by the time the Olympics start.
   Last Olympics I selected a piece to work on during the entire games. I'm sure that my husband wouldn't have 272 Words yet if I hadn't done that! I haven't decided if I will do that again for these game or if I will just continue with the WIPs I already have started. I still have some time to figure that out.  What plans have you made for Olympic stitching??


  1. Hi Laura, Amazing work on AW!!! This band is so pretty! You will have it finished in no time at all. I can't wait to stitch this design too. I am excited about the Olympics starting too. I will be finishing up my SDW (hopefully before the end of the SL challenge!) and I am also starting Ellenor Wykcs. There are too many and so hard to resist!

  2. Hi again, Laura! It looks from your photos that you do your stitching on a frame? If so do you also use a stand? I had tried the millennium stand but it did not work for me. I love their frames but the stand did not provide the right angle for me to stitch. Just wondering what type you use? Thanks!

  3. I stitched a PSS design called The Queens Crowns during the London Olympics but this time around, don't know! Something snowy maybe. Your sampler is looking great!

  4. I love this part of your sampler, it has wonderful colours.

  5. The colora in this piece are magical! What fun to see it come to life.


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