Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Quickly Things Change

    My life has been turned entirely up side down since my last post.  I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz just about daily now.  Hope this old brain can adjust to all the changes!
   Lets start with the weather.  We had a foot of snow in early January  and our winter has been pretty much gone since then.  It is supposed to be 83 degrees today and I have the air conditioning going!  Daffodils are up and all of the magnolias are in full bloom. The Bradford pear trees that line the entrance to my subdivision are also in full bloom.   All of this is WAY ahead of schedule!
   Then, while we were visiting the little princess last week, I sprained my ankle.  This part is embarrassing but this is what happened.  We had taken her out for a walk in the stroller in her neighborhood.  You get that right?  WALKING!  Just walking along, didn't twist it or step funny or anything like that, just walking.  Suddenly, I heard a loud pop, so loud that the Hubs heard it too, and I was instantly in excruciating pain.  I tried to ignore it and just continue the visit but we wound up having to come home early and I actually went to the doctor!
  Those that know me well know that I have to practically be on Death's door to go to the doctor.  I usually wait and see how things are going to turn out first and usually that is a good tactic for me. But I was pretty concerned about that popping sound so I went.  They x-rayed it and nothing was broken but they really didn't have any explanation for what happened.  Kind of implied it was just something that could happen as you get  I would have been offended if the guy wasn't older than I am!!  So I have been gimping around my house for the last few days.  Trying to get things done but not irritate it too much either.  We have stairs.  Enough said.
   Before the ankle fiasco, there was the daycare incident.  Both my DIL and I have had some concerns about the little princess going from being home with Mom and having constant one on one attention to being in daycare all day with strangers and maybe lying in a crib all day.  I had mentioned on an earlier visit that I would be willing to come up and help out in that area so it wouldn't be a 5 day a week situation.  Well,  they called me on it.
   After some discussion,  I was going to be babysitting 3 days a week.   I don't have a big life but I do have a life and I figured I could handle 3 days a week for a while.  Probably until she got big enough to sit up and interact with the other kids.  About 3 months I thought and then re-evaluate.  And that left her at the daycare center for just 2 days a week.
   Then my DIL made a dry run to the daycare.  And all hell broke loose. She was obviously not pleased.   She posted something about it on Facebook and the Hubs saw it and remarked that it looked like she was pretty upset.  So I called and thought I had calmed her fears somewhat on the issue.  When we got off the phone, we were still talking about the original plan.  About an hour later, my son called. Since I see how long this is getting,  I will cut to the chase.
  DIL has interviewed for a new job that should allow her the flexibility to work from home some.  In the mean time, I am babysitting 5 days a week for at least the first 2 weeks so the little princess doesn't have to go to daycare at all.  The drive to their house is three hrs. if there are no traffic issues and since they live in the DC area traffic issues are to be expected. The Hubs says if I am babysitting for 5 days a week I might as well stay straight thru since the trip up and back on the weekend is ridiculous. Sure hope she gets that job! Don't know what will happen if she doesn't.
  As far as stitching goes,  my time is going to be woefully curtailed for a while.  I had a very ambitious stitching schedule for this year and as you might have guessed,  that has gone out the window.  I am prepping to go to NOVA for 2 weeks so my time now is minimal as well.  Hoping to work it into my time up there but who knows.
   I have managed to make a little more progress on Merry Hart since last time. Enjoying it so much!

  So that is my sad tale of woe for this time.  I don't know when I will be able to post again but I will try to check in with all of your posts when I can. Until then,  hope you are enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Laura


  1. Hope your ankle is healing, Laura! I like your blocks background. I hope your DIL gets the job and is able to have more flexibility within her employment. Sending good thoughts as you head to Northern Virginia.

  2. Oh no, ankle sprains are no fun. Fingers crossed the DIL gets that job. Sounds like the perfect situation. Take care.

  3. I will be hoping that all works out well. Being with the little one will be good but it sounds like the best solution would be for your DIL to get the job where she can work from home. It is so difficult to put a tiny baby in daycare!

  4. Hope your ankle heals quickly, what a strange way to injure it. A three hour commute is crazy especially in traffic. It will be nice to get to spend so much time with her though, they change so fast when they are small.

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