Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Catching Up Part 2

   I have been staying in, hiding from the heat, and stitching for the most part.  We did manage to have a 'cool down' the last couple of days.  If you can call the high 80s and low 90s cool.  Temps back up into the upper 90s by the weekend so I guess I will continue to stay inside and stitch!    I really need to do that too since I am starting to get a little anxious about the big pieces I am working on the deadlines they have for them.
   I have taken the summer off from the majority of my stitching groups to make more time to stitch and to recharge.  It always takes more time than I think to get a piece done and although I have been working like a madman on this rotation, I am still not sure I will have it all finished in time!
   I really needed to make some progress on Jane Tindall.  It is for a November birthday and I'm not sure how much time that bottom is going to take.  So out she came and I worked on her until I had the top section with the verse all in.

It went pretty quickly so that made me feel better about the time factor.  So then, I moved on to the next piece in the rotation.
   I started a new piece for one of my other fall birthdays.  It is a Scottish sampler and although the colors seemed very bright at first, it is growing on me!

Agness Horsburgh 1844 by Samplers Not Forgotten
40 ct Lakeside linen w/ overdyed threads

The eyelet band is the half way point and I am back to working on this again so I hope for a finish by the end of the month.
  At this point, I put this one aside and I really wanted to work on All Creatures again so I put another section on it.  I am down to the verse section so it went pretty quickly.

I would love to have this finished this year but I'm not sure I can manage it with the others that HAVE to be finished.
    Then the Quaker Mystery did another turn through the rotation and I added on another page here.

This is only through page 2 and has a long way to go but I really like the way the colors are coming together.
  I am also working on a Catherine Theron piece that is a pilot class.  I pulled it out to work on it in the middle of all this and realized I had an error, near the beginning of the vine, which all had to come out.  Then, since I had referenced the outside border and the inner border off of the vine, the whole right side of those borders  had to come out as well.  I was having a lot of difficulty with long armed cross on the diagonal, both ascending and descending, and keeping up with the count (obviously) and so I had a lot of ripping and rework to do on that.  Not a lot of fun but I got it all back in and started on the alphabet too.  I am feeling the most pressure about this one since it has to be finished by the end of February.  It is a tremendous amount of work and I can't really concentrate on it until after I have the other 3 done.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a shift in the space-time continuum!!!
  So that's me, caught up again.  As I said before, I am back to work on Agness and want to finish her before I move on to something else.  I hope to have her finished by the end of the month because the
schedule has me starting a new piece the first of September (a Christmas present) and too many things in the rotation gets a little crazy!!

Hope you are enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Laura


  1. I just read thru both posts at one time - I missed post 1 but it was a WOW - amazing stuff you are stitching Laura! I love ACGAS but I just don't know if I could be dedicated enough to stick to something that big. We are thinking of getting Catherine Theron for a class in 2017 - I'm excited ! Sorry about your goof up on the pilot piece - that is so hateful when that happens. I'm glad you are able to stay cool this summer and get lots of stitching done. Great seeing your work - Mel

  2. Laura, you have made good progress on the pieces shared. I really love the colors in your Quaker piece. I am sorry that you are having difficulties with the pilot piece for Catherine Theron; I hope the rest is smooth sailing for you.

  3. With all that wonderful stitching progress, maybe it should stay hot awhile longer! Everything looks amazing, Laura!

  4. Just beautiful samplers!! I just had to rip out a row of alphabet, I think your frogging was even worse. Maybe I should hope that it stays hot so you can get the work finished!

  5. Your work is beautiful as usual! That's some fast stitching there! Crossing my fingers that you'll make your deadlines.

  6. Great progress on some great projects.
    Love All Creatures, it's so colorful.

  7. I am so impressed with all you've accomplished! And the stitching is, as usual, exquisite. It looks like great progress to me!

  8. That is beautiful stitching and lovely projects. Good luck with your time line.

  9. Loved seeing all your progress pictures! You have stitched a LOT! The summer heat served you well! I am reading blog posts in backwards order, so off to the first post now! Hugs!

    1. OOPS! Already been there! Yes, you definitely stitch a LOT!


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