Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Believe I'm On a Roll

   Shocking but true, I have another finish!  I am making an effort toward finishing up some wips and I have another finish since my last post.  It was about 1/3 done, which seems to be about where I lose interest on most pieces, so it needed some significant work.  Add to that, the constantly changing colors and it might be an outright miracle that I finished this one at all!!  But I persevered and I put the last stitches into The Pink Sparrow Sampler by WTN&T last week.

40 ct. Lakeside linen with called for threads

Might I just add, I did press this piece.  I don't know what the deal is here and it happens to me all the time.  I pressed it with steam on the linen setting and it looked really crisp.  But as it cools, it looks like it was wadded into a ball!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  So, this one took a week longer than I thought it would because I had some misadventures in computing along the way.  The latest Windows 10 update crashed my computer 3 times and even my techie son couldn't get it back up the third time.  I spent some hard earned but well spent  money with the Geek Squad and they got it back up, eventually.  It still isn't right but is functional so I am limping along until my DC son can get home and get it back up to snuff.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  Moving on,  I got my red Santa back from the framer.  Yeah!!!!!  He  is gorgeous if I do say so myself!

One Starry Christmas Eve by WTN&T
40 ct Weeks Aztec red linen
w/ my cotton conversion

It did take longer to get it back than the framer said it would but since we had a snow storm in the middle I figure I should cut her some slack!
   Alas,  these finishes do not keep me from starting new pieces.  I know the idea is to finish wips but what is life without new starts??!!  My January 1st start was Ann Wallace by the Scarlet Letter. Love, love, love this one and look forward to working on her this year.

This is how far I have gotten.  Keep in mind that I don't have a regular schedule for my rotation, just work on things in the rotation when I feel like it.

40 ct. Peeps Lost Sheep by Dames of the Needle
w/ called for DMC

Next up is barely worth a picture at this point and probably won't be finished until next year.

I bought this and kitted it as soon as it became available to us normal folks and I plan to make this my 35th wedding anniversary sampler.  Hence, the long time period I have to work on it.

Last but not least is my most recent start.  I kitted this one as soon as it came out too and I think it needs to be stitched!! I love these colors and I splurged on the silks.

40 ct. Lakeside Meadow rue
w/ called for silks

It's worked in Belle Soie which is not my favorite silk.  It is taking an extraordinary amount of time to stitch since the lengths used have to be cut so short to avoid fraying.  But in the end, I think it will be worth it since the colors are so vivid.  I start adding the red today and look forward to that pop of color!

So that's it for me for now.  I am planning to pull some more wips out of the bag too so I hope to have another finish in the very near future.  I'll  keep you posted!  Laura


  1. Pink Sparrow is fantastic! And so is that red linen Santa! Wow!

  2. I LOVE LOVE your pink sparrow finish and just in time for spring! I have that started maybe your post will encourage me to take it out again. your framed santa is just gorgeous, perfect frame. So much loveliness in your new starts - all beautiful. I love Belle soie and Gloriana - maybe I should look at this Scarlet House piece - it's beautiful. shoot ! I probably have it already. Lovely to see your post today - Mel

  3. Laura, congratulations on getting your Pink Sparrow finished! I really like the frame molding on your Santa piece. What lovely starts! I'm not a fan of the Belle Soie silks so that chart probably wouldn't have come home with me. I hope you can nudge your computer along until your son can bring it up to snuff!

  4. You have done some great stitching. The Pink Sparrow is beautiful. The Santa piece looks wonderful in that frame. It really fits that design. Hope the computer troubles are gone, they can be so very frustrating!!

  5. Oh Pink Sparrow is so very pretty! Great stitching. That pesky startitis...I'm dealing with that right now myself despite the 30 some WIPs I have! Looking forward to that near finish.

  6. Oh my gosh, what beautiful stitches!! Pink Sparrow is so pretty and I can't wait to see it framed. I adore the Santa on the Aztec linen! Perfection! You've got some awesome new sampler starts, too. You're gonna be a busy girl!

  7. Pink Sparrow is so pretty, and the Santa looks gorgeous on that red fabric.
    Great projects in the works!

  8. Oh wow--Pink Sparrow is beautiful!! It will be a superb framed finish for you! All of your WIPs are wonderful... you do great pieces! Hugs!

  9. Great job on getting some of the WIPs finished. Thanks for sharing Anne Wallace - pretty piece and I look forward to seeing your progress on it.

  10. Pink Sparrow is a beautiful piece, and the framing job on Red Santa is perfect! Congrats on your finish and on all your great wips!

  11. Beautiful work, I love seeing new starts - I can imagine they are mine lol. As for ironing: a trick I learned a few months ago was to a soak a heavy cotton tea towel in cold water then lay it over the stitching (which should be face down on a bath towel on the ironing board) and iron on the hottest setting until the tea towel is dry. It's a lot of hissing and steam but it took out some stubborn wrinkles. I must mention that I've only tried this on a projects with DMC so I wonder if hand dyed flosses/silks would run.


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