Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'd Never Make it as a Roadie

   It has been forever since my last post but October has been so busy my husband commented that it was like I have a full time job!!  Add to that several trips I have taken this month and that explains the level of crazy currently existing at my house!!  I will be home for the next couple of weeks so things should settle down some, if I can keep my calendar to a dull roar.
   I started the month with a trip to Northern Va for the EGA Region meeting.  I had the good fortune to catch my son at a time when his schedule had a few free minutes and we had a lovely dinner together my first night there.  The next day was a class which was out of my comfort zone but not so much so that I gave it up.  I met some lovely ladies that I hope to stay in touch with and I will eventually get back to that class, eventually.
   My second trip was a tag along some of my stitching friends and I did with the Loudon Sampler Guild to the New Jersey schoolgirl sampler exhibit at  Morven Gardens.  A lovely recounting can be seen here on the Black Branch blog.  Needless to say, it was a fantastic trip, we all had a great time, and there was talk of going again before the exhibit closes.
   I confess that we went up the day before the bus trip and did some scandalous money dropping at In Stitches.  I was instructed to 'be good' as I was going out the door Friday morning but I wasn't too clear about what exactly that applied to so I used my good judgement and applied it to Amy Finkle's.  A person could get into serious trouble in that place!!
  After that trip, I had a few hours turn around to do a few chores and wash some clothes and it was off to the beach with me.  My husband and our Son#1 had gone on Saturday and I was behind the curve here.  But, I did enjoy a little quiet time to catch my breath and still my mind before rushing on to the next big thing.  It was a nice week, with just the 3 of us, and a good time was had by all.  Let me just add that the fishing (according to those who would know) was better than it has been for years and my husband was ecstatic!!
  So, on to what we're here for, stitching!!!  I haven't had the time I usually do for stitching this month but I have been at it every chance I could.  First,  I got back some framing.

As you can see, I am in love with this molding and I have used it for my last 3 pieces.  It works with them all though so it's not weird!
   Most of my stitching time was spent on this, stitched for my friend the Finishing Fairie for her birthday.  Hope she likes it!

Blackbird Designs
First Cocks Crow from Sisters book
40 ct. WDW Cocoa w/listed threads
 Then I came across this lovely that I think I started last year and stitched on for just a short while and then put away.  I would like to get this finished this fall.

40 ct. Lakeside Meadow Rue
w/limited edition GA thread pack
   This sweet sampler, technically a pinkeep, is being worked on currently.  I have finished the top section and have moved to the house and hope to have this one finished in a few days.

   I didn't really need a new start but I did need something small to work on during the NJ trip so I started this one.  I've had it kitted for quite some time and have really wanted to start it so, there you go!

40 ct. Lakeside Meadow Rue
w/mostly called for threads
Here is the pic, just in case you don't recognize it from the lovely fence and sunflowers I have stitched!!  I've changed some of the colors so they will show up on my linen.  I have the linen that it calls for but I don't like it so I changed it to Lakeside.

 Just for fun, I had to show this beautiful scissor fob my friend Tommye made for me.  I love red and this is just gorgeous!!!

You can find her one-of-a-kind designs here on Etsy.  Love her stuff!!
  Well, I think that just about catches me up. I'm sure there are some things I'm forgetting but they will just have to wait until next time.  I have a full afternoon of stitching ahead of me and I am so looking forward to that!!

 Hope you're all enjoying your stitching as much as I am!   Laura


  1. I envy your adventuring! And your stitching.... well, that's just marvelous!

  2. It sounds like you have had some fun adventures recently, Laura. Your framed piece turned out grand (I really like that molding as well). Your WIPs look super and I really like your new scissor fob. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Well, aren't you just a busy little bee! I wish I'd gotten as much stitching done as you have. All beautiful, of course.

  4. Wow! So busy AND productive! I seem to be busy but end up not productive, lol! love all your stitching, starts and finishes!

  5. You sure have been busy! Love the framing on the first one, so nice and your right it does compliment it well. I've been looking at the Cinnamon Stars for a while, I really like it. It will have to go on my list to purchase next time I am at a Needlework shop.

  6. My goodness, catch your breath Laura! Don't know which of your finishes I like best, they're all so wonderful.

  7. So many lovely finishes. I do the same thing with a favorite frame! I hope your friend appreciates the beautiful sampler

  8. All your stitching is so beautiful!

  9. You have had some fun adventures! Great links to background stories too! Thanks for sharing!


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