Tuesday, September 23, 2014


   I had been holding off taking Summer at Hollyberry Farm to the framer in eager anticipation of picking up the framing I had previously dropped off.  I called on Friday and she was just putting the backs on them so I went over first thing Saturday morning to pick them up.  I am so pleased with how both pieces turned out!!!

Close-up of the frame
Love this moulding!!

Harriette Coe is in the same frame, just a redder tone.  Both of these will be residing at my LNS for a while.  I will be picking up One Nation in December since it is for The Hubs for Christmas but leaving it at the shop until then ensures he won't see it until he's supposed to!!  He likes to peek!
  Well, I don't know why IH&SWeekend never seems to go like I plan but this one was certainly true to form.  At the time I signed up, I didn't have a thing on my calendar but by the time it rolled around I was up to my eyeballs in other things I needed to do.  I didn't get to stitch as much as I would have liked but that seems to be a recurring theme so I won't dwell on it.
   I managed to get that last line of verse in on Ann Bowers.  Yeah!!!!!  This is the last 4 lines of this section and I think you can read it pretty well.  I was a little worried about the method I was using to stitch it but if you're not looking at it with a magnifier, I think it's okay.

So, this is where I am now and the end is in sight!  I do have 2 more rows of over one verse to stitch but after what I just finished, it should be a piece of cake!!  And after the over one, that 45 ct over 2 is looking like burlap!!  Not really but it is a lot easier to work on than I remember.

   So, for the IH&SW report, I stitched the last row of over one verse above and I started one of those fall pieces that had been calling my name.  Not much to look at yet but I promise, you're going to love it next time.  I confess to taking liberties with the colors, again!!

Butternut Tavern Sampler Pinkeep
by Stacy Nash
40 ct Lakeside Maritime white
with GASTs
Well,  that's all I have for now.  Hope you're enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Laura


  1. Your samplers are so beautiful all framed up, Laura!! And Ann Bowers is quite amazing! So colorful!

  2. The framing is so nice. Ann Bowers looks great. So now I know how you stitch so fast! Use separate needles! (smacking forehead!).

  3. Your framed pieces are just beautiful. The frames are perfect. I can't even imagine 45 ct. Ann Bowers is very pretty.

  4. Thanks for the "over one and burlap' thingie! lol Had a good giggle! Everything looks beautiful!! :)

  5. Beautiful frames for stunning pieces! I love the frame moulding you selected for your pieces. Ann is looking fabulous and I really like the flowers in the border on the Stacy Nash piece.

    Enjoy your week, Laura!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Hey there! I found you! :) Love your samplers and your One Nation is beautiful. It was great to meet you yesterday! I am determined to finish that project what about you?


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