Friday, July 18, 2014

Well, that's a week of my life I'll never get back!

   I spent the last week running around like a crazy lunatic trying to get all the things done that needed to be done before we left for the big wedding in Ohio.  At the last minute, the cat sitter fell through and left us with no one  to tend the fur babies.  Since it is my husband's family and you know who they would rather see, I volunteered to stay and he had to make the long drive alone.
   I know that it was all due to unforeseen circumstances and I shouldn't feel badly about any of it.  But I must say I do feel a little guilty that I get to stay home and stitch all weekend, in the comfort of my own home, while he has to attend all the  family stuff associated with a wedding all by himself.  Oh well, such is life!!
   Since I was spending so much time doing other things, my stitching time was greatly curtailed.  People who know me will be shocked by this but there were several evenings since my last post that I didn't stitch at all!!  Oh the horrors!!!  I did manage to get some time in on a few things though.
    Sunday we had Sandra Sullivan come to teach at our sampler guild.  If you remember from my last post, there was some pre-stitching that had to be done since it was a finishing class.  This is the stitched piece.

And this is what it looked like after the finishing magic was worked on it. So Cute!!

The little spools are supposed to be wrapped with floss in the same colors as the stitching.  Needless to say, I haven't done that yet and 10 years from now you will probably still find them unwrapped!!

At this point, I must confess that this had nothing to do with me.  As you are all well aware, I am finishing challenged and left to my own devices it would probably look like a one-handed monkey did it!!  My good friend Tricia took pity on me, working mine and hers at the same time, and I am now graced with this lovely pincushion!! First class I've ever left with a finished product.  Thanks so much Tricia!
    Also during this past week, I managed to get the large alphabet finished on the Blackbird SAL.

I am going to try to finish this one up during my 'retreat' this weekend.  It is such a small piece and should not still be hanging out in my  'In' basket!!
    I spend most of my stitching time working on One Nation.  I got the stripe in per my rotation assignment and then just kept going.  I thought about working it until its finished but on second thought, I think I will just try to stay on top of it so it will be finished on schedule.

Even on 40 ct this is a HUGE sampler!  I can't wait to get it finished and framed.  I think it will be impressive looking hanging with 272 Words although it might require a wall reshuffle!!
   So that's all that's going on for now.  It is IH&SW this weekend ( how fortuitous is that??) and I have some lost stitching time to make up for. I took care of the rest of my errands today so I should be able to spend the rest of the weekend blissfully stitching in my little corner and catching up some viewing on my DVR! Heaven!! I should have lots to show next week!

Hope you are all enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Laura


  1. Great stitching, Laura! Your BBD looks awesome with the stitches you chose. I have to gear myself up to continue on those eyelets! lol! The more I see your one nation the more I love it! Enjoy your weekend of stitching with your fur babies!

  2. Thanks Laura! Wow the pincushion and stand look so Awesome on your table with the lace doily. Makes me want one! I had fun with you and I working on both of ours. Glad I have one too. Tricia

  3. Gorgeous pincushion & stand! Great progress on BBD and LOVE your One Nation!
    Hope you have a FUN weekend of stitching:)
    love Annette

  4. Good going with the BBD sal piece and One Nation! Your pincushion looks fabulous and I like the look of the spools without the floss!

    Enjoy your weekend! May it be filled with many little x's.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. All the projects look wonderful. Your One Nation is going to be very impressive. Lucky you - oh, I mean to say I'm so sorry you had to miss the wedding!

  6. Wow! Love all your projects. That pincushion is just wonderful! How lovely of Tricia to finish it for you! Love that flag piece you're stitching. Darn it! All this time I thought I wasn't that into that design. lol! Now I love it! Big on 40ct, huh? Hmmmm....

  7. Oh, and I forgot to say -- sounds like a good deal to me, staying home with the cats while DH goes to the wedding. I wish I could do the same -- we have a family wedding to attend too!

  8. That toadstool pincushion is so cute and One Nation is looking pretty impressive, and huge. Gosh, I wouldn't be able to stitch on 40ct, my eyes wouldn't let me!


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