Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IH&S Weekend July Report

    I always have grand delusions of the amount of stitching I will get done while my husband is away.  I forget that with him gone, I have to do not only my chores but his as well.  And since he has taken over the kitchen duties, when he is gone I have to cook for myself.  That is a huge time drain!!  Add to that, I didn't have much in the house since we were planning to be away so I had to make a grocery run as well.  Subtract pretty much a whole day of stitching there!!
   Just my normal stitching time on Friday but Saturday was a double header so I got in maximum baseball stitching on that day.  Sunday is my regular cleaning day and since DH was coming home that day, I really couldn't skip it.  So, once again, just regular stitching time on Sunday.  So basically, IH&SW winds up being just my normal stitching weekend!  Oh well, I had fun and I actually got to stitch, which I wouldn't have been able to do had I gone to the wedding.  I wasn't even going to take my stitching  bag on that trip!
  Even though I didn't get in any EXTRA stitching time, I did manage to get some things accomplished.  I got 2 entire, as in all the way across the sampler, stripes in on One Nation!!

Only 4 more stripes to go and this baby will be finished!!  I am hoping for the beginning of September and if I can stay on track, I should be able to do it!
     Then, I got back to work on the Blackbird SAL.  Since it was over the half way mark I thought I would push through and finish it.  And since I had already taken such liberties with it that it was no longer a reproduction, I went more and more off the track the closer it got to the end.  Now it can only be called an adaptation.  But one I really like!!

It got to be a lot of fun once I went my own way and I especially like the nod to the bargello (that I love) at the end!  Definitely not on the original but totally mine!!
     So that was the IH&SW for me.  I am now going to work on the Ranje's for a couple of day I think.  I still have quite a few bands to stitch to catch up with the group and those bands go so fast and are so much fun to stitch!!
   I am off to Winston-Salem to meet my girls for a weekend of fun and sampler exhibit viewing.  I am planning to tack on a quick trip to Atlanta too if all works out well so I will be off the air waves for a bit.  I should have some good stitching to show when I get back!

Thank you all so much for the fabulous comments you have left for me lately.  I apologize for not sending out replies this last round but I just couldn't manage it with other things going on right now.  Just know I appreciate them so much!!

Hope you're all enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Laura


  1. Your flag looks amazing, getting closer to a finish. Love how your BBD turned out. Love your own take on it!

  2. Laura, your "One Nation" reminds me of a class I took several years ago with Lucy Lyons Willis. The Immigrant Sampler, I think? You've inspired me!

  3. I love the way you did your own thing on the BBD sampler! The flag sampler is going to be gorgeous.

  4. Sweet finish Laura!!! I love how you pace yourself through your projects~ amazing!! Don't we always hope to cash in on the downtime when hubbie is away??? Never works at my house either~. :)

  5. I am no more successful in getting things done when the Dude is gone than you were. It seems that's the way things go. Lovely finish, really like the bargello!

  6. Very lovely BBD finish, and you are right, with all the changes you made it's totally yours. Very creative indeed.
    Nice progress on One Nation.

  7. Congratulations on your BBD finish! I really like the way you have made it yours! One Nation is looking fabulous as well!

    Robin in Virginia

  8. Your Flag is looking great :) And I love your adaptation! The bargello is a lovely addition! Have fun on your girls weekend!

  9. I'm really enjoying watching One Nation grow ~ the red is so pretty! And congratulations on your finish, too ~ again the colors are so pretty together. :)

  10. You are so close to finishing One Nation--hang in there! And I really like the BBD Sampler. I hesitated to join in on the fun because of all the specialty stitches, which were not my faves. But I REALLY like your adaptations, and may put it in my rotation again... and see what comes of it! Hugs!


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