Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good Weather for Stitching

   It had been cold and snowy here of late so several of my regularly scheduled activities have been cancelled.  I have wisely used that time to stitch, rather than all of the other things I could have been doing, like cleaning or laundry or onerous things like that!
  I finished my Olympics Stitching piece last Thursday.  I didn't get it done within the allotted time frame but almost!  Here is the completed With Thy Needle and Thread's Needleworker's Sampler.  Not pressed yet but I promise it will be by the time it is framed.  I did leave the little one stitch berries off the vines without the flowers.  I thought there were too many and found them distracting.  When I tried to decrease the number, it just looked funny so I left them off entirely.

40 ct. French Vanilla Swirl w/ mostly listed threads
I really like the way the borders vary!

   Then, since it wasn't the end of the month yet, I pulled out a long lost UFO to work on.  This is Elizabeth Hancock by Little House.  She had languished for way too long! I started her in a SAL that Vonna was hosting I think back in 2010  but only had the vine in the corner started when I put her away.  This is where she is after a few days work.

45 ct. Exemplar by Lakeside Linen
w/ mostly listed threads

  I've also worked on my SAL rotation and managed to get this month's Quaker Medallion assignment finished already!

(None of the linen colors are showing up well on my photos today!  Not sure why, it is an overcast day and I did take them in front of a window.  You would think that would work well!!)
    So, I am continuing to work on E. Hancock and the Snooty Parrots SAL. And  I still need to work Dorothy Walpole and a Long Dog (both SALs) into my current rotation! I am pleased with how all of this rotating is working right now but I am concerned about how well the addition of more samplers into the mix  is going to work.  I may need to stitch something to completion before I become overwhelmed and lose my mind!! We shall see.


  1. I just love the colors in your Olympic finish. You do have lots of great projects going!

  2. Congratulations to you on your finish! It is lovely. I really like your Quaker Medallion piece.

    Stay warm!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Your Needlework Sampler is lovely! :)
    And Elizabeth is looking good! :)

  4. Your work are very beautiful!!
    well done and well chosen.


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