Monday, November 18, 2013


  I have been working madly on 272 Words, trying to get it finished so I can give it to my husband for Christmas.  I haven't worked on anything else, with the exception of a Christmas ornament I have been carrying to stitch groups, since my last post. I am really excited to have this almost done and if all works out to plan, I will wrap it up tomorrow!!
  So, this is where I was when I started Friday night.  I apologize for the configuration of my photo. I forgot to get a picture before I started IH&SW stitching and I had to cover up with batting.

This is where it is now after the weekend of stitching.  I didn't have as much time as I would have liked but I think my finishing schedule will be met!!

It is still a huge piece, even stitched on 45 ct. linen, and I did manage to change just about all the colors but I have really enjoyed working on it and think my husband is going to love it!!
   I hope to have a finish tomorrow and if I manage it, I will have a pic of the entire sampler to share!  Stay tuned!!!   Laura


  1. Beautiful work! Cheering you on for a finish!

  2. Magnificent piece ~ Lucky, appreciated Hubby ...

  3. Wow, what a project. Great progress!

  4. How exciting to be so close to a finish! I've never seen this particular piece before. Beautiful stitching!


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