Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A 150th Anniversary Finish

   When I worked up my stitching list at the beginning of this year, I had 272 Words slated to be finished for my husband for this Christmas.  It had been a WIP for several years. I worked on it for the whole of the summer Olympics in 2012 and it was well under way before that.  When I put it away after the Olympics, it was at the half way mark.
   Put away isn't very accurate though.  It was on one of my lap frames, on the top of a bookcase in our bedroom and I know he saw it there every day.  He never said anything about it but I am sure he wondered about all the other things that were getting finished and why the piece that he knew was for him wasn't.
   After my friend's visit in October I got it back down to finish.  I know it is only 272 words but it is a large piece of cross-stitch! About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the date of the address was November 19th so I really pushed to get it done by that date. How cool would that be to put in the last stitches on the 150th anniversary of the address??!!
   I've worked on it to the exclusion of everything else, with the exception of an ornament I've been carrying to stitch group, and I met my goal of finishing it last night!!

272 Words by Primrose Needleworks
45 ct. Italian Linen
w/Gentle Art and Weeks Threads
   It has been on the scroll rods for so long it won't lay flat but I plan to iron it and take it to the framer tomorrow.  So happy to have this one done!!
  Now, of course, it is on to the next thing!  I have a Christmas gift piece to get done (working it on 50 ct. to see how it goes because I have a much larger piece I would like to do on the 50 ct.) as well as a few ornaments by the middle of December.  Then I think it is back to Ann Bowers which I hope I can wrap up by the end of the year.  Tall hopes, I know, since you really can't count on December for any stitching time!!
But we will see!  Hope your stitching is moving along too,  Laura


  1. Great work, and so cool that you finished it on the actual anniversary!

  2. Awesome work, Laura! And how great that you finished it on the anniversary. Your hubby will be so happy with it I am sure. I am in awe that you worked it on 45 count! wow!

  3. Congratulations! Especially on the timing of the finish--what a wonderful way to commemorate the date.

  4. Wow, so gorgeous! Pretty neat that it was finished on the date. And on 45ct no less!

  5. That's a truely great finish. Congratulations!

  6. Wow, just amazing. Your work is outstanding. Enjoy!!

  7. A M A Z I N G!!! I got goosebumps reading you finished stitching on the 150th anniversary. Absolutely a Beautiful sampler. Bless you for being able to stitch on 45ct linen. I am going to have another look at the sampler. CONGRATS on your finish. love Annette


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