Friday, August 16, 2013

Stitching Time < Back Pain

  I haven't gotten in as much stitching time lately as I would like.  My back is acting up again and making sitting very uncomfortable.  I have taken to stitching at the breakfast table since those chairs provide the least discomfort.  I have to get up frequently and that cuts into my time but I had the Hubs move my Dazor over by my chair so I can at least get some stitching done.  I get pretty cranky if I go more than a day without the needle in my hand!!!
  Most of my time has been spent with 272 Words.  I think it might actually be the source of my back issue, this time.  I have it on a Kay's lap frame, the largest they make, and it really doesn't work well in my usual place on the sofa.  I find myself sitting twisted for long periods to get across the row and I think that might be the problem.  Anyway,  I have added 3 rows of the verse which I will not show here since it is after all, just verse!!!  I am hoping if I keep plugging away I might be able to wrap it up by the end of the month, or at least by the end of Labor Day weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed!
  I have also managed to get some time in with a couple of other pieces.  The long neglected Ann Bowers came out for some love this past week.This is before:

And this is after.  All that blank space is verse...over one...on 45 count. I am doing it in tent stitch but still!!  I guess you can see why I've moved ahead to the next row!!!

   Then, I also worked on my Scarlet Letter piece, and made quite a bit of progress on that!  Before:

And this is after.

I admit to taking some liberties with a couple of the colors but I am really enjoying this one and having a hard time putting it down to work on anything else.
   Well, that's about all for now.  This is IH&SW weekend so I hope to get in lots of stitching time and have some great progress to show you next time!


  1. Hope the back gets better soon--there is nothing worse! Especially when it interferes with stitching time. The pieces you're working on are beautiful--love the colors.

  2. Great progress all around. I can see why you are taken with the SL pattern, it looks like a fun one! I hope your back feels better, it is no fun being in pain. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful samplers and great progress! I hope your back is better soon. Back pain is the worst!

  4. Here's to your back feeling better soon -- we need you at full strength for your stitching :)

    Thanks for reminding me about 272 Words -- I have that in my stash and I need to get it out. :)

    Beautiful work!

  5. All your projects are really gorgeous! Hope your back feels better soon!


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