Monday, August 19, 2013

August IH&SW Report

  I managed to find some significant stitching time this past weekend.  I worked on Ann Bowers for 2 afternoons although it probably doesn't look like that much progress.  This is before:

And this is now:

That vine is 4 rows deep and that one leaf has 6 different colors in it!  Add to that, I was also trying to watch tennis and you can see where the progress might be a little slow!!
  Sunday is my regular house cleaning day so I was pretty deep into the day before I got to the stitching.  I had thought I might put some more stitches into my Scarlet Letter piece but I promised my LNS that I would stitch a particular piece for them as a model and I figured I better get it started! I saw a recent finish of this piece over on Keeper of the Crowes  and I just love it!!  Her finish really spurred me on the get this one going!

WTN&T The Pink Sparrow Sampler

This is where I managed to get to with this one:

40 ct. WDW Parchment w/ called for threads

  I will put this in the rotation with the others, that will make 4 right now.  I think 3 might be my ideal number so I need to get this finished fast!  M. Woods should be winging her way to me this week and I may be tempted beyond endurance to make a start on her!!  And I have learned that time split between too many projects gets nothing done fast.  I think I may have to give up sleeping in order to have more stitching time!!!


  1. Ann is so beautiful. I fall in love with this piece every time you post pictures!!! I know that you are going to love Pink Sparrow. What a great start!!!

    1. I am so sorry for giving credit for your lovely work to the wrong person in my last post!! I have fixed that now and apologize profusely for my error. It had been a long day!! Laura

    2. No apology required, Laura!!! Love that you are stitching this piece. I know that you are going to enjoy stitching it as much as I did. Can't wait to see your progress in your next post.

  2. Very pretty stitching! Love everything about The Pink Sparrow Sampler!

  3. Great progress. Love the pink sparrow sampler. I haven't seen it before.


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