Tuesday, July 23, 2013

IH&SW July

  I know it's been a while since I've posted.  I've been working on some things that I can't show here and I find blog posts without pictures BORING!  So,  I've been off the grid as my son would say.  I decided to take a break from the stitching I can't post about and work on some other things for the IH&SWeekend.  It gave we a chance to refresh my mental state concerning my needlework and just do something for the fun of it!!
  My local EGA chapter president gave us a challenge for the summer.  We are trying to increase our membership and have reserved the display cases at the local library for a fall showcase of our guild's handiwork. The challenge is to come up with different types of pincushions for the display and I am into it in my usual over-the-top fashion!  I have come up with about half a dozen things I want to do over the summer.  I'm not sure how many I will actually get done given that it is almost the end of July but it could be fun to work them in between the larger pieces I'm working on.
   I stitched up the first one over the weekend.  It is an older piece I've had in my stash for quite a while, a biscornu done as a collaboration by MTV Designs and GPA called Seasonal Biscornu.

I stitched the side with the Rhodes stitches first and thought it was my favorite; then I stitched the other side and I think I like it even more!  I am not much of a finisher but will give it a go when I get some of my other deadline stitching finished.
   After getting those 2 small squares finished, and they took way more time than I thought they would for what they are, I went back to work on One Nation. The before picture is in my last post. This is where it is now:

I plan to work on this until I have the rest of this section finished, hopefully only another day or two,  and then I'll go back to my deadline stitching.  I have another pin cushion waiting in the wings and hope that 'carrot' will  keep me motivated.

  Just as an aside, while on the bay of evil recently I managed to snag these!

Chessie and Me sampler magnets!  How cute are they?!  Love them all!!
  Well, that's about it for me for today.  My framer called this afternoon and it seems I have some things to pick up.  I'll post again soon with some newly finished framing!

Until then,  may your needles fly!  Laura


  1. Laura, those magnets are just too cute!!! Your biscornu is so pretty. I love the colors They are going to be real beauties!

  2. Love the biscornu pieces. Nice to get something finished for a change, isn't it?

    Cute magnets too!

  3. Magnets are adorable! Your biscornu is wonderful ! Great projects.

  4. Your stitching is beautiful! I've never tried a biscornu before - your's is going to be so pretty! Love the magnets. :)


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