Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Red, White, and Blue Holiday

  It has been hot and humid here in the 'burg over the holiday and I have been trying to stay in as much as possible.  We did spend the 4th at a local park picnicking with my  future daughter in law's family and although it was on the 'sweltery' side, we all had a good time.  We live near Busch Gardens and were able to come home and watch fabulous fireworks from our front steps. What more could you ask??!!
   Even with all the busyness of having company, I did manage to complete one of the memorial samplers I am trying to finish. It has an additional 10 lines of personalization that I am not showing because well, its personal!


  I have another one to do asap but after just finishing this one I need a break from stitching the same thing!  I have never stitched the same thing more than once except for these memorials and I really need to work on something else for a bit before I get to the other. 
  So,  I picked this one back up again.

One Nation on Lakeside Linen Woodsmoke

(Edit:  I did some research and got this picture thing working! Thank you 'Lines Across' for the excellent info on where to go and what to do!)

I have tried everything I can think to do and can't get this to turn so I guess this is the way it will have to stay, sorry.  Anyway, in keeping with the UFO year I pulled this one back out to work on.  I think I started it last July but it may have been the one before, yikes!!  I was sorely tempted to start the Chessie and Me I have seen burning up the blogosphere lately but I resisted and will work on this one for a few days and then go back to memorial stitching.  
  I had hoped to be working on 272 Words again by now but this other stitching is taking longer than I had planned.  You know what they say about plans!!! If all goes well, I should be able to dust 272 Words off (literally!) and get back to work on it by the middle of the month. It is 1/2 finished so I hope to have it wrapped up a few weeks after that but lets not forget that I still have Ann Bowers and Dorothy Walpole calling for the pile too!!!

Hope you're all finding lots of time to stitch,  Laura


  1. Nice work! Congrats on finishing your beautiful sampler!

  2. Your Memorial and One Nation are awesome! Congratulations on the finish!
    Happy Stitching

  3. Love that Memorial sampler! Well done. What a treasure for the family.

    Let's not discuss what we should be doing vs. what we'd rather be doing. It's too depressing.

  4. I have seen the One Nation on display at "In Stitches" in Alexandria. Must be the time for patriotic theme. I am working on Rosewood Manor -American Quilt Sampler. With luck zillion have it finished by 4th of July, 2014.

  5. What a wonderful memorial sampler! Nice start on One Nation,too! I've been tempted by this one. :)

  6. I did No Greater Love a couple of years ago; I love it; One Nation will take a while, i'm afraid


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