Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moving right along

  I seem to be getting better at the rotation thing.  I managed to finish this month's Ann Bowers assignment,

Ann Bowers
45 ct linen w/DMC
although I did notice after I inserted the picture that I didn't finish off the top of one of the strawberries.
  Frances Pool also saw the light of day this past week.  I would have been farther along with her but my old friend the color conflict came to visit, again.  This is where I got this time around.

Frances Pool
WDW  40 ct Parchment
w/most of the specified colors
The next motif, which should go where my needle is, is a Quaker style bird and berry design.  The bird is supposed to be stitched in WDW Sage but the skein I have is WAY too striped to work birds in!!  I went to my LNS this afternoon and found one that more suits my taste so hopefully I can get some more work done on this one this coming week.
  Of course, the piece that has been taking up most of my stitching time is one I can't show on the blog.  It is the birthday piece for my good friend Tommye and since she reads my blog, it will have to remain a no-show until I give it to her the end of March.  Hopefully I'll have it finished by then!  I guess I better get off this computer and get to it!!
  Later,  Laura


  1. Both pieces are lovely, but my favorite is Ann Bowers! Wow, she is stunning!

    Where do you find the 45 ct. linen? I've only seen 40 ct. in the shops I use.

  2. Yes, I do read your blog! I don't know how you do that rotation thing. It makes my brain hurt! But both pieces are looking good.

  3. Wionderful progress Laura! Ad I know Tommye's gift will be spectacular... You two girls are amazing!!!

  4. Beautiful stitching Laura I really wish I could stitch on 40 ct.

  5. Gorgeous work, Laura! I enjoy following along with you!

    My next post on Ann Bowers will be Sunday:) Pop on by!



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