Saturday, June 18, 2016

Finally Stitching Along

   Even though I  promised myself I wouldn't, I have signed up for a ton of SALs again this year, most of which are on Facebook. (That darned place gets me in so much trouble!!)  I knew there were quite a few I still hadn't started and it was beginning to make me feel pressured about my stitching. Again! So yesterday I got it all organized and made a plan so I could work on them and all of the other things I have obligated myself to stitch this year in a more reasonable manner.  This is my current rotation:

My favorite and the farthest along is All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana.  I've added quite a lot to it since my last post.

I REALLY wanted to go on to the next section, the one with the chickens that I just love, but I need to work within the schedule if I want to get all of these done this year.

Next is one I signed up for in the Facebook Sampler Heart Group, Jane Plews.  It is a mystery so I have no idea what it will look like when it's finished.  I don't usually do that since I have been burned in the mystery category before but it is a Scottish Reproduction.  How bad can it be?!

40 ct. Lakeside Meadow rue
w/ DMC

The next SAL I am finally working on is Marquoir de  Dymphne.  It is a sampler available on a blog I read and is up to part 6 now.  I thought I better get it started if I had any hope of getting it done.  She very graciously does a SAL every year and this is the first one I have actually gotten any traction on.

40 ct. Italian linen in ivory
w/ DMC
This is part one.  It is quite a large sampler so it will probably be in the rotation for a while. It is moving to the right and those next few sections are mostly alphabet which goes pretty quickly.  I hope to have it almost caught up in the next round.  If you are interested, you can find this sampler here:

The next sampler is one one on Facebook, The Quaker Mystery Sampler.  I plan to start it today, after I finish this post, so I have no pics yet.  Next time, for sure. It is pick your own everything, which can sometimes be a challenge for me, so we'll have to keep our fingers crossed on this one.  I have selected a pretty Lakeside linen, Pecan butter I think, and I have decided to use the threads left over from Ann Bowers since I have a ton of them.  I love those colors and it can be a reminder of Ann.

Last, but not least, I pulled out Summer at Cherry Hill by WTN&T.  I love this one and it would be wonderful to have it hanging on my wall before the end of summer.

I couldn't find the before picture but basically I added the lettering and symbols from 'A' down, stitched the skirt of her dress, and put in the trunk of the cherry tree.  I'm not sure I like the stripes in the tree but I am going to live with it for a while and see.

Love her face! So sweet!

  So that's where things stand today.  I am a lot calmer about my deadlines and am really enjoying this new rotation.  I plan to add some new things in as I finish what's already here, either a WIP or a new start.  I have plenty of each!!  And lets not forget those gift pieces that need attention too!!  Then there's that Catherine Theron pilot class I am doing the middle of July and the EGA workshop in November.  I guess I need to figure out how to stitch faster!!!!

Hope you're enjoying your stitching as much as I am,   Laura


  1. What a wonderful assortment of projects you are working on, Laura! I look forward to seeing your Quaker Mystery Sampler. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your stitching!

  2. I love her dress on Summer at Cherry Hill, the reds do make it look so summery. I hadn't seen the Barbara Ana sampler before, very cute especially the baby pig on mamma pigs back.

  3. So pretty. I love everything about the little lady in the Summer at Cherry Hill.

  4. Nice bunch of samplers going! Summer at Cherry Hill, love that one. Good luck with stitching faster!

  5. You are working on a beautiful group of WIPS. I know what you mean. It is so easy to get more going than you plan for.

  6. LOL Dang you. I had it all figured out what I wanted to stitch on right now, but you have derailed me. Now I am compelled to haul out my giant flag sampler. Such a bad... err wonderful influence stitching bloggers are! Thanks --- and many congratulations on your beautiful SALs. You are a better woman than I -- I would not have been able to control the urge to do that chicken.

  7. What a beautiful group of projects! This looks like a great summer of stitching!!

  8. You are stitching some great projects.
    I think my Favorite is the Barbara Ana piece, so cute with all of the animals.
    Good luck with your rotation!

  9. You have some gorgeous projects in progress! I'm good at joining SALs, but never actually finish anything. : ) The Barbara Ana design is definitely on my list of things I would like to stitch.

  10. Oh my, Laura, so many beautiful projects that you have in your rotation. I love them all but particularly Summer at Cherry Hill because of all the reds in it. I just love red :)
    I'm exactly the same with SALs. Whenever a new stitching year starts I promise myself not to join any SALs because I have enough to stitch on. And after a while I find myself again in several SALs, lol. And I'm not on FB, lol.

  11. What a great group of stitching projects. You are making good progress on each one, and sticking to a rotation will definitely get them done! I am not so good at sticking to a SAL. I have loads of projects pending. Sigh! Thanks for sharing... and inspiring us!

  12. Your stitching is just beautiful and I am stitching All Creatures Great and Small with you! I love it too! :)


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