Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Waving Goodbye to Ann

  Well, it has been a long time coming but I finally put the last stitches into Ann Bowers Sunday afternoon.  It was so wonderful to see the end of that very long stitch, a finish literally years in the making.  But it was also kind of sad too because she has been a long time companion and a challenging piece to work on although a lot of that was of my own making.  (my advice:  Investigate the stitches used in a sampler BEFORE going crazy and changing to a high count linen!!!)

  Without further ado,  I show you my now completed Ann Bowers!

Ann Bowers by The Exemplarery
45 ct Italian linen w/ DMC

I really love this wide center band with the birds!

    My major hang up with finishing this piece was the strawberry band above the bargello.  It is supposed to be done in queen stitch, which I found would not work on 45 ct linen with DMC!  Trying to find a stitch to substitute was a nightmare.  Someone suggested I just leave it off but it is one of the identifying characteristics of this sampler and I just couldn't do it.  In the end, I used my go to stitch when subbing for queens and although I didn't like it in the beginning,  I think it worked in the end.
    So there she is, finally finished!  I am hoping for another finish within a couple of days so keep an eye out!!

Hope you're having as much fun with your stitching as I am,    Laura


  1. Congratulations--she's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Oh I think she is just gorgeous! Another one down. ;)

  3. Ann is spectacular; congratulations on your finish. So Laura, what did you use in place of the queen stitches?

  4. Congrats on a great finish, she is gorgeous!

  5. Fabulous, stunning, gob-smacking work! I adore it!

  6. What a stunning finish this is, congratulations! The border around the piece is just as beautiful as the individual bands.

  7. It is gorgeous! The colors amaze me by how they all work together.

    I am curious about what stitch you used to substitute for the queens? They look great, by the way.

  8. Wow Laura--that is a magnificent finish! Congratulations! And you have another finish too...?? Hugs!

  9. Un merveilleux sampler!j'admire également le choix des fils DMC!une belle palette de couleurs!
    Bravo a vous ,toujours un peu de regret a la fin de l'ouvrage,mais du bonheur a venir pour le prochain.
    Amicalement de France

  10. Wow! Your sampler is a beauty. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish.

  11. Wow! Your sampler is a beauty. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish.


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