Sunday, October 4, 2015

Working on Some Smalls

   I have been working diligently to get ready for the arrival of the Finishing Faerie.  I was hoping to have more stitched but I think I will have to holler 'uncle' at this point.  I had a few things in the box already so its not like there will be nothing for her to do.  And I would prefer if she just took them home with her and sent them back to me later but she insists on finishing while she is here so I am going to let her!
   I managed to get In Full Glory by Blackbird Designs finished.  I didn't think it would take me 5 days to get it done but there it is.  One of the reasons I didn't get more pieces stitched.

40 ct Flax w/ my color changes

   So, since the piece of linen I had was the perfect size to stitch both of these on, I stitched Old Glory by Little House next.  Also on the 40 ct Flax, mostly with the same colors as the one above.

Then I thought I should probably work up a couple of Christmas ornaments for the exchanges I am participating in this year.  I started Fa La La by Country Cottage and then realized that the other exchange is the same weekend as our stitch group Girls Trip to the Mountain.  Guess I won't need that 2nd ornament after all!

This is stitched on a 36 ct mystery fabric and worked up to be larger than I like.  We'll see what it looks like after it is 'finished' and it can either be an exchange ornament or it can go into my dough bowl at Christmas.  I have a pattern for ribbon candy ornaments that is stitched on perforated paper that I have done several times and I am sure it would be welcomed again.
   Not to be without some sort of stitching at hand, I took out Strawberry Fields again.  It is so cute and if I can just concentrate on it for a while, it will be finished in no time!

Also on 40 ct and fits quite handily entirely within a 8 x 11 Q Snap!  Getting ready to put on the roof tonight.  I know I said I was going to make Old Glory by Rosewood Manor my group piece now but I think I will have to work on this one until it is finished now.
   I still have some work to do to get the house ready for company.  Why is it that your perfectly acceptable house becomes a  pig sty to your eye when you have guests coming??  Should be a lot of fun those once she arrives though.  Stashing and stitching.  What more could you want?



  1. You are definitely on a roll with finishing things! And they all look great. Yup, when you know someone is coming over, suddenly the house looks terrible and you clean! We women are cursed that way!

  2. Great finishes.
    Have fun with the Finishing Faerie to get your pieces done.

  3. ooOoo! Lovely! Stashing and stitching sounds great. Can't wait to see how your Finishing Faerie makes up your pieces.

  4. Gorgeous finishes! Looking forward to seeing the results of the Finishing Faerie visit! Have fun!

  5. Fabulous finishes, Laura! Enjoy your visit with the Finishing Faerie! I look forward to seeing your finished finishes.

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Yup--I know about the finishing pile growing and growing! I am trying to finish up as I go along, plus pull one out of the drawer! Eventually... they will dwindle down! Love your patriotic pieces. I have both in my stash... next year perhaps? Haven't considered Christmas quite yet. Your Strawberry Fields is looking great! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  7. all your finishes are great ! I finished the Old Glory too and am not real sure what I want to do with it. Of course it's doubtful I will try and finish it myself but I am trying to be more confident that all it takes is practice and patience to do finishing. Hope you have a great weekend - Mel

  8. You have some beautiful finishes here, Laura. An maybe you even finished Strawberry Fields in the meantime :)


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