Wednesday, July 15, 2015

There's Been A Lot Of Stitching Going On Around Here

   This was not originally the start of this post but I couldn't bear having the next picture be the one that shows up as the thumbnail for this post.  So I am showing a bit of recent stash enhancement instead.  Not sure when I will get a chance to start these but I couldn't pass them up!  So many cute patriotic pieces have come out recently!!

Now on with my post...

   I had every intention of getting back on my regular posting schedule, about every 7 to 10 days, and was even thinking about what to post next when all hell broke loose here.  My older son is a commercial truck driver. We were expecting him home on the 2nd of July so it was no surprise when we got a call from him that afternoon. I just thought he was calling ahead to let us know where he was and when we could expect him.
  When his father came in to talk to me, I am usually the designated pick up driver, he could barely speak he was so upset.  It eventually came out that our son has been involved in a major accident on the WV turnpike that was serious enough to total his truck.  This is what is looked like after the crash.

That blue one was his.  Luckily, all parties involved walked away with minor scraps and bruises.  We got him home and we are all continuing to recover from the stress and other adventures that arise from an accident like this.  He's working on getting back on the road.  I'm working on trying not to lose my mind.  Hence, lots of stitching.
   As many of us do, I use stitching as stress relief.  Needless to say, there has been a LOT of stitching going on around here.  But that does not necessarily mean I have been able to concentrate so I have been stitching on a lot of different things in an effort to remain calm.  So here is the current line-up.
    First, after finishing that last patriotic piece, I felt like doing another.  So I started Old Glory by Rosewood Manor.

40 ct. Flax w/ mostly listed colors

 I have had this kitted for quite a while and thought I might do it for my husband for Christmas this year but we will have to see about that.  I will need to spend some serious time on it starting pretty soon for that to happen and with the Stitching ADD I am currently experiencing that might be a tough one.
   This little pretty found its way into the rotation, for about 5 minutes, so I only got a few stitches in before I got distracted.

Strawberry Fields Forever by Blackbird

It is so small and cute you would think I would have it finished by now but not so.  Hopefully soon.
   Then I required another new start.  I have had this one kitted since it came out and I really wanted to stitch it this summer.  I was using it as my carrot to get a few things done but I gave in to temptation and just started it.

Summer at Cherry Hill by WTN&T

I LOVE this one and want to stitch the companion piece this summer too!  Not sure if I will be able to make that happen or not but I would sure like to try!!
  I also added some more letters to the alphabet sampler I am stitching for my friend for Christmas.

Calico Alphabet by
Summer House Stitche Workes

I really love the way this is working up.  Still behind though.  This is on schedule for the June stitching but not for July.  I guess I'm not technically behind though since  this is still July!
  In an effort to assure I didn't have a single minute to think about my son's situation, I joined another SAL on Facebook.  The Little House page is doing a summer themed SAL so I dug out one I have been wanting to stitch for a long time and got it put together.  We were supposed to start on the 5th of July but I didn't get it going until this past Sunday so I am a week behind the start date.  I don't think it will matter in the long run since I doubt it will be finished by the end date anyway.  The way things are going, I may have 10 more starts by then!!!

The Inn at Fox River Mill by LHN
I am really enjoying this one!  It would be farther along but I ripped put the red and changed the color.  Then I got distracted by a movie I was watching and had to rip the red all out again!! Hopefully it is on track now and will keep my attention for a while!!
    So that is what has been going on around here.  I am really going to make an effort to post in a more timely fashion from here on out.  I also hope this summer calms down and I am actually able to finish some of the UFOs I have haunting me!!!

Talk to you again soon,  Laura


  1. I hope your stitching brings you lots of comfort!

  2. I'm glad to hear your son walked away from that. Stitching does bring a lot of comfort and I hope that you find it.


  3. I'm glad to hear your son walked away from that. Stitching does bring a lot of comfort and I hope that you find it.


  4. Thank God the drivers are all okay.

  5. oh dear me ! I'm so thankful to hear your son was not seriously injured in that wreck - I just fear even being on the road these days. SO many people take crazy chances and end up causing wrecks. You have such a lovely assortment of WIP's, new starts and new stash - WOW - I see some favorites of mine in there also. I hope you do stitch away your angst and enjoy it all - cheers Mel

  6. How horrible. So glad your son escaped serious injury. And the other people too. That is certainly a scary picture. Beautiful starts and WIPs you've got going there. Hope your son is feeling better with each passing day.

  7. Oh, what a horrid accident, Laura! So glad your son is okay... Lovely stitching and stash. I so understand about using your stitching for comfort--have been doing a lot of it since my husband's fall!

  8. I'm so sorry about your son's accident but glad he's okay. On June 7 my husband and I were hit from behind and the side by an 18 wheeler and totaled our car. We walked away from it though I'm still having some residual soreness in my chest - that's minor to what could have happened. And while insurance pays it never pays enough so I know your son, if it was his personal truck, will be out some money. We had only 6 more payments on our car when the wreck occurred and though we got some money for that car it wasn't enough to buy another so we made a nice down payment and signed on for 5 more years of payments. We were on our way to church when it happened - certainly never expected it! blessings, marlene

  9. So glad your son is okay! You're stitching is beautiful and I'm happy to hear it helps you relax!

  10. I am glad you are finding comfort with your stitching. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I was glad to read that your son only had minor scrapes and bruises.

    Robin in Virginia

  11. Glad your son was able to walk away--I'll be thinking of him as he recovers. We drive the WV turnpike to visit my son and his family--and I have often said I would hate to be a truck driver who has to navigate that area, especially with the people who drive like lunatics on those mountain curves. It's a good thing you have your needlework as stress relief!

  12. Pretty stitching! And I'm SO glad your son walked away from that accident! It looks like 3 trucks were involved? Wow!

    My son also walked away from a serious accident, only in a car. Pictures at my blog if you want to see. I posted them last November 13 or 14 or thereabouts

    Again, I'm glad your son wasn't hurt worse!

  13. Oh my gosh! that truck looked bad! Thank heavens your son is doing ok!! That's a blessing. Things like that do have a way of putting life off the normal course. All your stitching starts look wonderful. I'm sure when things settle down they will all get finished.

  14. Hi Laura, what a frightening picture - no wonder you're stitching like a demon! Keep that nervous energy focused on your stitching, I know it will help. Gotta love Strawberry Fields and Summer at Cherry Hill. I'll watch for lots of progress on all

  15. Gosh, I am so glad your son walked away, unhurt, after that accident. What a mess!! I also 'flit' when I am stressed... Been doing a lot of that for nearly a year now... You have done a lot of stitching tho, and it all looks great!! The Calico Alphabet still catches my eye--it is very striking! Big Hugs!

  16. Wow! Lots of pretty stitching and new patterns on the horizon! What a scary accident for your son, but glad to hear that he was ok! Hope you are enjoying your summer. xx

  17. I can understand why you didn't want to have that picture of the crashed truck as a thumbnail picture introducing your post. So good to know that your son got away unhurt and that he is doing OK.

    Lots of wonderful new stash and pretty stitching that keeps your thoughts off the accident.

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  19. Just getting caught up on your adventures!
    Wishing you all the strength and courage and hoping that more tranquil days are ahead - stress stitching is a God send but enjoying your stitching is Bliss - that is what I wish for you!
    Take Care


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