Friday, April 17, 2015

Thank You...Thank You Very Much!

   I really wanted to thank all of you for the lovely comments you've been leaving for me.  I haven't had time lately to respond back to each of you individually but I did want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time.  It's good to know there are people out there actually reading my blatherings!!!
   The preparations for the wedding seem to be well in hand.  I haven't had much to do with that but just getting myself ready has been exhausting!!  I did a dry run today of the dresses and foundation garments I will need next weekend and although the clothing was good, the shoes were not. So I took care of that this afternoon.
   I haven't worn makeup for about 20 years so I had to go buy products and re-learn how to apply them recently.  Hope I will be able to pull that off on the day!!  I normally wouldn't have given it any thought but then read an article about not looking like a zombie in the wedding pics and since everyone else will be done professionally I figured I needed to tackle it.
   I have been stitching as much as possible to try to keep the stress down so I have something to show at least!  I've been slowly working out the color choices for Hannah Pepper and this is the small start I have made on that so far.  (Please disregard the unfinished bird in the corner.  I am still working out the colors there.)

40 ct. Lakeside Meadow Rue
w/overdyed cotton conversion

I am really pleased with how this is turning out so far!

   Feeling better about getting this worked out, I decided I needed to work on some of my other WIPs and with any luck, get some things finished.  I have WAY too many UFOs right now and I only have 2 finishes for the year so far.  That is just unbelievable!!  Last year I finished 17 pieces, most of them large, and if I have any hope of getting that UFO number down, I need to stitch like the wind!!
(Not that I have any idea how many UFOs I actually have.  Lets just say I have 6 large Vera Bradley bags stuffed with them and leave it at that!!  Maybe I will tackle that problem after the wedding!)
   So, I have been working on Elizabeth Shepard for the last few days and managed to get it this far:

This is about half way.

LOVE the pink accents in this one!

   This weekend is IH&SWeekend.  I signed up this time but haven't decided what to work on yet.  I am woefully behind on Serenity Harbor but I also have a Christmas gift I need to get started if I am going to have it done in time.  Maybe, since I will have this weekend pretty much to myself I can manage to do both!

   See you all next week,  Laura


  1. Nothing like a couple of big projects to set you straight! They're both looking great. Enjoy your me time this weekend!

  2. Both Hannah and Elizabeth are looking lovely, Laura! I wish you a stitching filled weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Love both projects, hope you plans and weeding day go well for you xx

  4. Both stitches are looking great! Great progress!!

  5. Really lovely projects. I love both samplers and almost any Quaker design!

  6. Elizabeth is gorgeous !!!!! always loved that one. I admire you for tackling HP - I packed mine off to someone who wanted it some years ago. it's lovely but I knew I would never tackle those errors in the charting. enjoy ! Mel

  7. Lovely progress pics and good luck for the wedding.


I appreciate your comments, they make me smile!