Friday, January 23, 2015

You Know What They Say About the Road to Hell...

    I had good intentions for IH&SW, I really did.  My younger son and the FDIL were coming for the weekend to attend the Beer Fest with The Hubs.  Not being a beer drinker myself, I was going to be the duty driver, drop off and pick up was supposed to be the extent of my involvement and I was going to have the entire day to stitch and catch up on my shows.
   Things being what they always seem to be when you make a plan, that plan changed in a hurry!  The son and the FDIL had a big fight the night before and she decided to forgo our company, sticking us with her $50 ticket in the process.  Being the tight-fisted fiscal conservative that I am, I said no way we are wasting a ticket, and the others involved were only too happy to use my beer tickets!!
   We had a great time!!  The weather was nice, the event was in a tent so we were warm, the beer drinkers had lots of brewers and different brews to chose from. There was music, New Orleans themed food, and of course, the people watching was unmatched by anywhere I have ever been, including New Orleans down on Bourbon Street!!
   So, not much stitching was done over that weekend.  I did manage to get SOME done though.  I made a good start on Serenity Harbor.  I have the first part finished now but for the weekend report, I only managed the left side within the allotted time.  I have enjoyed this stitch so much and if you haven't joined this SAL, I highly recommend it!

40 ct. Lakeside Pecan Butter
w/called for DMC except sun

I really like the colors the designer chose for this one and so far I have stuck to the DMC with the exception of the sun.  I stitched the sun in an over-dyed floss but I'm  not too crazy about the color.  I will probably change it later but for now, it will stay until I figure out what I want to do there.  Also don't have the arching outline in yet.  I'm going to wait until I need to roll the scroll frame before I put it in.
   Once I got that finished, I pulled out an oldie but goodie and in going back through my posts, I don't think I have worked on this since last August.  I am currently referring to this as the Headless Bird Sampler.  lol

Pink Sparrow Sampler by WTN&T
40 ct. Weeks Parchment
w/called for colors
It's small but 'fiddly' as my mother would say.  Lots of small motifs and lots of color changes.  I am hoping to finish the top section today. (I may be overestimating the time factor here, as usual, but we will see!)
   I still haven't started either of the Scarlet Letter SALs I have signed up for yet so I need to get moving on those asap. Can't linger for too long on one piece!!  I also haven't touched the 3 pieces I carried over from last year yet.  As you can tell, I don't have the rotation worked out yet, just taking it as the mood strikes.  But, I'm not bored yet either and I feel like I'm making progress. That's a good thing!!
  So that's it for me for today.  Thank you all for stopping  by and I want to welcome my new readers.  It's nice to know I'm not out here in cyberspace alone!!

Hope you're all enjoying your stitching as much as I am,   Laura


  1. Lovely projects! I hope your bird gets it's head soon ;)

  2. Put a head on that poor bird! :O) I'm so weird... whenever I'm stitching something with a face, I just have to get the eyes stitched! It bugs me to have holes where the eyes should be.

  3. I signed up for the Serenity Bay BOM but I am still waiting for the special Serenity linen, the shop I am dealing with is offering other things too but since I am a remote customer, it's not so easy to make a decision. I have that Pink Sparrow started too, lovely for spring stitching but I'm still in snowman mode at the moment. Hope you have a great weekend and you are not alone! Mel

  4. Nice progress on your WTNT piece. Glad you were able to work on the Serenity Bay BOM although your plans got changed.

    Enjoy your weekend, Laura!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS You are definitely not alone out there.

  5. I have a few projects I intend to work on this year, but ... I keep adding more and changing my mind--you are NOT alone in that! Do you go to Haus Tirol? My buddy and I love to go there, and it will soon be time! Hugs!

  6. Nothing's better than a cold beer and live music!

    Looks like your Pink Sparrow is nearly done, at least as soon as his head is on straight it will be fun to see how he finishes up!

  7. Congrats on your progress and all that people-watching fun.... sorry about the fight, but it sounds like ya'll had a great time without any grumps.

  8. You have great WIPS! A beer fest, my kind of event. Glad you had fun!

  9. Serenity Harbor looks like its going to be very pretty. No more SALs for me! I have enough on my plate as it is. Beer Fest sounds fun, especially the New Orleans style food. Yum! Glad it turned out good for you; I would do the same!

  10. Progress! That's the main thing. You have several projects going and you're making great progress on them. Way to go!

  11. It's great to see something new, glad you enjoyed your day out. I like the pale colour of your sun, but I often try one colour only to rip it out, trail and error and loads of unpicking. It's worth it when you love the finished item.

  12. That story is to funny. I am like you, I would have gone also not to waste the ticket?!?! Your progress is great and the memories you have with your family are better...

  13. Glad you had a great time, sounds like lots of fun with great beer and great music! Love your WIPs. I am hoping for a nice stitch-y day since we have lots of snow today. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Two great projects. Your stitching on both looks great.

  15. Love your projects--and I couldn't have "wasted" the ticket either! The New Orleans food would make it worth it--as well as a day with the family.

  16. Glad you ended up having a good time and didn't waste that ticket. Sounds great! Love your WIPs. They are both beautiful!


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