Sunday, December 21, 2014

And the Winner Is....

   As promised, I drew a name from the comments on my giveaway post and the winner is Karen!  I have notified her through the email address on her profile page so I hope to hear from her soon to claim her prize.  Congratulations Karen!!
   I picked up some framing the other day too.  Well, actually, I had the Hubs do it for me since he was going to be in that part of town, and I am very happy with how it came out!!

   I put a purple frame on this Blackbird piece  and just love the way it looks!  I'm giving it to my FDIL for Christmas so I hope she likes it too.  Sometimes, especially when you don't know someone well, it's hard to tell if they really like something or are just being polite.  I like this well enough that if she doesn't like it, I'm okay to keep it for myself!!

    I put Cinnamon Stars in what should be a familiar molding to you all now since I've  used it on several of my recent finishes. (I apologize for the wonkiness of these pictures.  They are both under glass and I was having a hard time with the glare.)  This will reside in my LNS for a while and I'm hoping it will make up for me taking One Nation back out.  They've been making noises about not wanting to lose it as a shop model, big seller and all that.  But it IS my husband's Christmas present and he wasn't very sympathetic to their cause!
  Anyway,  I did manage to work a little stitching in while doing all the Christmas prep and I have a finish!!

Scarlet's Christmas Sampler
by Chessie & Me
I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet but it is very cute and very Christmas-y!!
   Did I mention that today is my birthday?!  LOL  I have been swaddled in fresh-cut flowers and greenery which I just love this time of year!

My husband usually gets me an arrangement that I can use as a centerpiece for the dining room table.

And my SIL sent me an arrangement that I put on the breakfast room table.  Also full of greenery and when those lilies open, this will be heavenly!!
   Then just a few minutes ago, I received another arrangement from my son and FDIL.  I will save that pic for my next post which will be after IH&SW (probably tomorrow!)  I am going to go upstairs now and stitch away the rest of the day.  Hope to have another finish tomorrow!!

Hope you're enjoying your stitching as much as I am,  Laura


  1. Congrats Karen! The frames look great with your stitching. I really like the fabric used on Cinnamon Stars. Happy Birthday Laura, your flowers are beautiful!

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you. All the arrangements are beautiful! Perfect for this time of year. I love your framed finishes. I have Cinnamon Stars to stitch . I love the frame you chose for it. Your FDIL is lucky to get such a lovely gift. I have that small piece that you stitched. I will be anxious to see what you do with it.

  3. Congrats to Karen.
    All of your finishes are beautiful.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Beautiful stitching and framing! Festive florals really are the nicest decorating touch this time of year, don't you think?

  5. Happy Birthday 1 day late, Laura! What beautiful flowers and greens you have received! Your framed pieces look super; I really love the molding used on Cinnamon Stars. It is one of my favorites to use as well.

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Wow, both framed pieces look just gorgeous. You chose the perfect frames and frame colours for them. And congratulations on the new finish. It looks beautiful.

    Happy belated birthday wishes!

  7. your framed pieces are lovely ! Happy Birthday - hope you have a wonderful Christmas too ! Mel

  8. Well, Happy Belated Birthday! You are surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements. Look forward to seeing the third one when you do IHSW. I think it is only fair that you take back One Nation, especially if it is your hubby's gifted piece! Don't know your arrangement tho, so not going to belabor the issue. The newly framed pieces are very nice! Can't wait to start the PSS one next year! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Hope you had a great birthday - you certainly received some beautiful flowers! I love your stitching... beautiful work and the framing really enhances these pieces.


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