Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taking Care of Business

   I am woefully behind in some of my reporting so I thought I better get to it!  I didn't get to spend as much time stitching this past weekend as I would have liked but my son and his fiance were home for the Easter weekend.  Seeing the family always takes precedence over all else so the stitching just had to take a back seat!
   This was the first time my son had been home since his birthday so we had to celebrate!!   I can't believe my baby is 27 now!  In honor of the big day, I made a 'birthday pie', a beautiful one I saw on Facebook believe it or not, called Strawberries and Cream Pie. It had an Oreo crust, cream cheese/cool whip filling, was topped with strawberry slices and drizzled with chocolate.  It was just as wonderful to eat as it was to look at and I have had several requests for another asap!  We'll be at the beach in May so maybe I'll whip another one up then.
  On the stitching front, I did manage to squeeze some in between activities.  I spent all of my IH&SW time working on Harriette Coe.  I think she is coming along nicely!

Harriette Coe by WTN&T
40 ct Lakeside linen w/ listed threads

   I have been feeling remiss in my SAL stitching, it's nearly the end of the month and I haven't touched any of them, so I spent some time yesterday working on the Quaker Medallion Sampler.  Since I'm stitching it  on 40 ct. it nearly fits entirely within my 11 x 11 Q-Snap!!

This is a close-up of the section I worked on yesterday.  I switched the colors over to Sampler Threads and the blue I used in the unfinished motif is an original one from a zillion years ago called Peacock.  I'm sure the new ones don't look like this and I just love this color!!

   The last bit of business I need to take care of is my Stitch From Stash report.  I wish I could say I have been good and didn't spend anything this month like so many others but alas, I cannot.  I had the opportunity to buy not just one but two pieces that have been on my long term search list during this month and I couldn't let that opportunity pass.  Just one of these charts put me over the limit.  So, in all good conscience, I have to withdraw from the contest.
   It was fun while it lasted and I was happy for the challenge but I guess for me, it was just not meant to be.  I am continuing to work on the things in my stash, especially the things I have already started but also continue to add judiciously to my stash.  I will continue to cheer you all on from the sidelines and will look forward to seeing who is able to spent the least in the end.  Good luck to you all!!


  1. Inquiring minds want to know--what charts did you find that you've been searching for? They must have been very special.

    1. I have searched high and low for quite some time for Lauren Sauer's Anniversary Roses. She only teaches classes now, her designs are not available as charts anymore. I was able to find someone who was willing to sell this one to me since she had finished stitching it and I was so grateful!
      I've also been trying to locate a Porcupine Collection sampler, Amy Eliza Herbert, which I also found this month. It seemed silly to bypass the purchase of long sought after items in order to remain in the challenge. Who knows when or if I might find them again??!!

    2. Beautiful stitching! I just looked up your charts you mentioned in the previous comment and they are lovely. So glad you were able to find them, Yes you needed to get them while you could:)
      love Annette

  2. Great stitching, they are both lovely.
    You had a great opportunity that you couldn't pass up.
    I would've done the same thing. :)
    Enjoy them!

  3. Your projects look wonderful! Love it in the Sampler threads. Happy Spring colors!

  4. Beautiful stitching and I too looked up the pieces that you purchased and they are lovely. Enjoy!
    Happy Stitching


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